Geek Syndicate Live at the Orange BAFTA Red Carpet

Sunday saw the British Film Awards at Royal Opera House take place and Geek Syndicate was on the red carpet to see the action!

Always taking place before the Oscars, the BAFTAs are a good indication of what to expect at its American cousin but this year there were a few surprises.


We arrived at the red carpet a few hours early and were allowed to walk down what is no doubt the largest red carpet in Europe. Setting up in our little press pen, we started to discuss who would win what award. Just down the carpet from us was Miss Piggy who was on hand to interview the stars and get all the latest gossip.

Knowing that the awards meant dressing smart, I wore my tux with a white bow tie which was enough to attract the attention of Zoe Ball, who looked fabulous and a lot taller than I thought she would be. Blushing from her compliment I proceeded to see which other presenters were getting ready. Along the carpet we saw Fern and Dermot walking along rehearsing the introductions while fans were getting ready to see the stars arrive with various messages and signs (see pictures below!)

Guests arrived around 2 hours later and by this time our feet were cold and our fingers numb but we battled on to see who would arrive first. To our delight, we got a chance to meet and speak to Mark Kermode. He discussed the nominees and certain films he wanted to see and also Hammer movies – look out for our exclusive interview coming soon.

Then we started to see some of the nominees and key talent like Kenneth Branagh who spoke to the press about Thor and how 2 of his stars, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, from the film have been nominated for the Orange Rising Star Award. We saw the two on-screen brothers arrive and give each other a manly hug on the red carpet. You can see why Hemsworth was cast as Thor because the guy is HUGE.

Next up, we caught up with Paul writer and actor Nick Frost. I asked him how he felt about having 2 films nominated this year including Tin Tin and Attack the Block. He was pleased but just happy to be there. He also revealed that he had a draft of the next film in Blood and Ice Cream trilogy which includes Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. The third one is called Worlds End but he could not tell us anything more. He also revealed that Tin Tin 2 was a go with Peter Jackson directing which was great because it meant going to New Zealand. Lastly, he mentioned that he was writing some more projects with Simon Pegg like they did on Paul.

At this point the red carpet was getting full with the likes of Michael Fassbender and Daniel Radcliffe rushing to meet Miss Piggy and then George Clooney who took time to say hello and shake hands. I congratulated him on his nomination and The Descendants nominations. He thanked me and told me to enjoy the evening.

Hearing some very loud cheers I looked around to see Brad Pitt arrive but he spent most of the talking to the press then quickly moving inside. We also got a chance to gives some hello’s to Meryl Streep, Christina Hendricks, John Hurt, Jonah Hill and many more. The red carpet closed quickly when the awards were about to begin. It was a fantastic night and keep an eye out for our review of the BAFTAs results.

For your viewing pleasure, check out some more pictures below (click to enlarge):


GS Reporter: Montoya

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