Geek Syndicate Magazine – We Give Some Classic Superhero Costumes a Fashion Makeover

 In the latest issue of the Geek Syndicate magazine we see whether some classic superhero costumes can be redesigned for everyday wear.

One of the feature’s in this month’s magazine came from an idea to approach fashion designer with ‘geek leanings’ with a brief to take some well-known comic book characters and redesign their outfits for everyday wear or the kind of outfits that could end up on a catwalk runway.

This was a portion of the email I sent out.

One of the ideas was to approach fashion designers (whether working in fashion or studying fashion) like yourself and ask them to come up with a series of designs or just one design that would use classic superhero/sci-fi/fantasy costumes as the basis for the design …the twist is these would not be cosplay but would need to be cool, trendy and the sort of thing that your everyday person would have no idea where the genesis of the outfit came from but those in the know i.e geeks would be able look at it and know where the idea has sprung from.

I first saw this idea used (in a basic way) in the show smallville  which shows a young Clark Kent aka Superman wearing a causal red jacket (representing supes cape) and a dark blue T-shirt (representing his uniform). Although this was inventive at the time I really believe that you folks in the fashion world could up with some other interesting and maybe less obvious combinations, while still staying true to the character.

I think what would be core to any design would be that they were

  • Fashionable and not cosplay
  • For everyday or evening wear
  • Could be as high fashion as you wanted to go with it.
  • Use the colour schemes of the superhero outfits as part of the design
  • hopefully by recognizable to fans of that particular hero/herorine but not necessarily recognisable to people not in the know.

Lucky for us costume/fashion designer Polina Roytman answered the call and taking several costumes together she came up with six fantastic designs. I’ve stuck two below, the first one for blokes and is a everyday wear outfit using the Captain America costume as a basis. The second outfit combines Wolverine and Storm’s costumes, but you can see all six of the designs in the latest issue of the free Geek Syndicate magazine. I think you’ll agree when you see them that Polina has done a fantastic job…just need to find someone to make them now!

GS Reporter: Nuge

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