Geek Syndicate Tabletop Games, Season 2 is Coming!

Geek Syndicate Tabletop Games Season 2 is here. This season we take a look at a whole host of games from quick ten minute ones to epic three hour horror adventures. We will compare card games and themed games and also social bluffing games. Last season we reviewed over forty games which  and found some truly great gems among them, of which some are now our firm favourites.

In Geek Syndicate Tabletop Games Season 2, we will be doing regular reviews of new and older classic games like The Lord of the Rings by Reiner Knizia, of whom I managed to interview recently, so stay tuned for that in the near future.


Reiner Knizia with GS’s Montoya

We will also be doing fortnightly new release listings that cover all games and their expansions, plus we will do a regular news update of what is going on around the world of tabletop board gaming.

This year, I have also joined and helped expand a game club by hosting at my local Scout hut and getting some of the younger players involved. The great thing about this apart from playing games is that you get to see and hear what is being played and what is hot right now.

Another new feature will be reporting on what games to play at work in an hour lunch break and the best way to do that. We now have a weekly board game lunch in the office with a steady team of five players so lots of games to choose from, it’s great fun!

The first review of Geek Syndicate Tabletop Games Season 2 will be about Dobble, a small game but big fun so look out for that in the near future.

To read a recap on the games we reviewed on the last season of GSTG, go HERE.



Reporter: Montoya


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