Geek Syndicate Takes Part in the MoneySupermarket Secret Santa Challenge for Bloggers

So a little while back I was asked by the team at moneysupermarket to take part in a Secret Santa they were starting up. The idea behind the scheme would be that a selection of bloggers would be given £25  to buy a present for a fellow blogger select at random. To sweeten the pot a little a few prizes were put up for the best Secret Santa gifts.

Armed with the entire net at my disposal I began my quest for my secret Santa buddy Daniel Hughes over at intogeek only to discover something I already knew… I’m crap at buying presents for anyone, let along a complete stranger. However rather than admit defeat I headed over to Daniel’s blog to see if I could find inspiration. Luckily, like most bloggers, Daniel had set up an about us section on his blog and reading that helped to narrow down my present buying search dramatically. After a little more searching of the farthest owners of the net I stuck gold.

Stay tuned to see what gift I picked up for Daniel and what gift I get from my Secret Santa. I’m guessing as the limit is £25 that authentic Grail Diary from The Last Crusade that was up for auction won’t be in running for my present.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Secret Santa Challenge

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