Details on Geek Syndicate’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild

Tomorrow is the day that the Early Access starts for Bioware’s New MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic starts. So if you have preordered the game you might be able to play tomorrow (or atleast some time in the next 7 days) even though the official release date is not till the 20th of December.

As some of you may know Geek Syndicate will have a Republic guild on a EU Server so the staff from the site and any member of the community can come together in a galaxy far far away and fight the dark side of the force. Today we have received word that our guild has been assigned to the Server “Hidden Beks“, So if you wish to group with all your favorite writers and presenters from the Geek Syndicate community all you have to do is create a republic character on “Hidden Beks” and mail me so i can send you a guild invite.

We are not going to be a hardcore guild! we will just be a group of friends who will have people in the game world who we can ask for help from and play through difficult quests with.

You can contact me on my E-mail, Twitter or on the SWTOR website.

May The Force Be With You

GS Reporter/Guild Leader: Matt Pease

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