Geek to Geek – Issue 3

Welcome to Geek to Geek, the audio magazine dedicated to bringing the sass back to geekdom. Also, don’t forget to check out the companion to this podcast – the Quarterly Geek Syndicate Magazine!
The magazine is free to download on the GS website but if you’ve got the Geek Syndicate app you will be able to pick up the mag as extra through that to read on your iPhone, iPad or Android.

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00:00:00 Geek to Geek with Monts and Nuge – David Montieth and Barry Nugent bring you their monthly slice of pop culture madness. No script, no preparation but a lot of fun and sass…always sass.

00:51:33 Promo: The Monster Hunters – A Three Part Audio Drama. Find out more here

00:52:58 Little Witch aka Amy of the Birds of Geek podcast has a quick chat with comic writer Gail Simone.

00:58:05 Montoya and SilverFox from Trailer Trash Two discuss the greatness that was 1982 for genre films.

01:16:22 Stacey Whittle from Small Press Big Mouth reviews the Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel series from Self Made Hero.

01:22:05 Barry and Ant from The Next Level review Mass Effect 3 (Spoiler Free)

01:39:13 After Hours with Dave and Barry – the guys close out the show in the Geek to Geek Studio bar.

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