Geek to Geek – Issue 4

Geek to Geek with Monts and Nuge – David Montieth and Barry Nugent bring you their monthly slice of pop culture madness. No script, no preparation but a lot of fun and sass…always sass.
In a slight change of plan we will be releasing Geek to Geek monthly on it’s own and then it will also form part of the quarterly  two hour audio magazine show which is the companion to our quarterly Geek Syndicate Magazine.

Direct Download: Geek to Geek – Issue 4

Listen Online: 

Topics covered

Our thoughts on Avengers Assemble

What we’re looking forward to reading and watching over the Summer.

Thoughts on the Eagle Awards and MCM Awards (this was recorded before we found out there still would be an eagle awards).

Why is DC playing catch up to Marvel on the film front.

And much more.

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