Genecy #1 “Conan Meets the Silver Surfer”?

Hey all. Here is my review of the debut issue from InVision Comics.

Written by Gerald Cooper
Illustrated by Eddy Barrows
Colours by Tim Ogul & Oren Kramek

Genecy: #1

An extremely feared and militaristic nation, proudly recognized as the Grunnod, has stolen freedom, joy and fortune from an entire galaxy. They are in search of an ancient artifact from a long, forgotten time. It is believed to unlock a door to an immense and immeasurable power. Many scholars, and others believed to be immortal, have died of old age trying to exhume it. This relic is believed to be hidden deep within the innards of a Grunnodian possessed world.

A broken soul seeks revenge for what the cruel Grunnodians have done to his people. He escapes. And when a tortured victim finds power and purpose, the shacklers that face him sing a sad song.  GENECY…

The first thing I loved about this book was the art which is quite striking in some places with some good use of light. The one line sell for this comic is “Conan Meets the Silver Surfer” and I can see why from the origin story within this first issue.

Things move at a fast pace and in places hyper speed, in fact I would prefer the story to have taken it slower to be honest but knowing that the author is trying to pack a punch in his first issue he pulls it off well but even a Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster has some character building in his movies.

I understand that the idea is to give some back story in the next issue and that is what I am looking forward to.

The action is quick, hard, and gigantic (literally) and you do get a feel for the Conan meets Silver Surfer vibe going on. However at times it is a bit hard to know who is who and you find yourself just going with the flow and enjoying the ride

This is a good debut from InVision Comics and this could be the start of something great but just slow down a bit.



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  1. acekillshot /

    This book was incredible! I can’t wait to see the second issue!

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