Get Bargain Comics with the Humble Image Comics Bundle

The folks at have just put up a great comic deal. For varying amounts of pennies and pounds, you can pick up a few choice comics and help charity at the same time. The offer has only just started and is set to run until 13th May.

As things stand at the moment, you can pay what you want for the collection of East of West Vol. 1, Fatale Vol. 1, Lazarus Vol. 1 and Morning Glories Vol. 1.


If you pay above the average price listed, you will also get Saga Vol. 1, Revival Vol. 1 and Chew Vol.1.

Chew Image Comics LogoIf you pay more than $15 (about nine quid) you will also get The Walking Dead Volumes 1 and 20.


This is a great deal for anyone who wants to check out some of the comics they might not have read or for someone who might not even be sure they are into comics at all. Have a look and see what you think.

Source: HumbleImageBundle
Reporter: Casey Douglass

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