Get Smart Movie Review

What’s it about?

Well its a remake of the classic television spy spoof show of the 60’s.

What’s it like?

Well a big, fat, hairy “MEH” really. Maxwell Smart is too, well… smart.
There’s a line in the movie which summed up my problem with it. Max confronts his boss after being framed up as a double agent and his boss says
“Well you escaped from a maximum security facility and walked right in here, so you are either really dumb, or you arent a double agent… and I know you arent dumb!”
See? I remember the old show, and he WAS dumb! Well, if not out and out dumb he was pretty rubbish and got by on dumb luck. Its like this version of Max can handle himself in a fight, can come up with clever plans, can out think the bad guys… hell, he even sleeps with the hot babe in the movie! Its like they have taken a character who was basically a spoof on James Bond and said “Well, what if he was MORE like Bond and less of a joke?”. So as a result the film is kind of in limbo.

The action isnt cool enough for an action flick. The comedy isnt funny enough for a spoof. Yeah, it has it’s moments and as always Alan Arkin is gold, but overall it just left me cold.
Maybe if it hadn’t been called “Get Smart” then I wouldn’t have gone in with any expectations and enjoyed it more.

I think it probably sums the movie up that after the 90 minutes or so of its running time the only part we were talking about was a 2 minute Patrick Warburton cameo.

Stars out of 5 – 2
Slaps – 3

GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie


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