Get the Capitol Couture Look With High Street Fashion

capitolcoutureAs a follow up to the last post I wrote about the re-launch of Capitol Couture, in preparation for the upcoming release of Hunger Games: Catching Fire. This entry looks at creating a Capitol Look with high street fashion. The new website looks specifically at high-end fashion, so I thought it’d be a challenge to create an entire outfit with the same style as Capitol fashion from high street brands.

So what to look for in Capitol style? Big shoulders, exaggerated shape, bold colour and texture. I’ve decided to go for a monochrome take on the trend, with gold accessories. Not usually colours I’d go for, but I think they’re more wearable than the bright colours seen in Capitol fashion. However, they are still able to reflect the drama and boldness of the costumes worn in the films that represent Capitol fashion and culture.

Skirt: A pencil skirt is a good base. Especially in Capitol fashion, as it balances out all the volume around the shoulders. This one from Warehouse is a good length. (£25.00).


Jacket and belt: A peplum jacket exaggerates the hips and the ruffles create the drama needed for this look. Layer a gold plated belt on top to break up the black and white and also gives a sense of strength and power. (Jacket £25.00 and belt £11.44).



Feather cape: Summer collections are in shops at the moment, so I’m afraid I had to go expensive on this black feather cape from Biba at House of Fraser. But soon places like New Look and ASOS will stock these again for winter parties. They add glamour to any outfit and this short cape is great for building height on the shoulders- just want you need for the Capitol look! (£65.00).


Shoes: These boots from ASOS scream Effie Trinket. Dainty lace juxtaposed with a hefty platform give a sense of style and power. A must have for Capitol fashion. (£45.00).


With Capitol fashion, the odds will be ever in your favour.

Reporter: Jess Hawke

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