Getting Inked: Geeky Tattoos Part 2

Last week saw me kicking off the series on geeky tattoos by speaking to Geek Syndicate’s own Melissa and she showed us her very cool anime inspired ink. This week we continue on by hearing from the lovely Kit Keighley.

Kit, who streams on Twitch and designs logos and apps, uses her geeky tattoos to express her love of both the Cheshire cat and cats in general; she talked to me about them recently and opened up on what her geek tattoos mean to her.


Can you tell me a little about your geeky tattoos?

“On my left arm I have my Cheshire Cat Print, done by Red Dragon (Heckmondwike) – Can’t remember who by. It’s a spiral cheshire cat, based around my thumbprint; I doodled around it one day and played with the idea. I handed it over to the tattooist and he came up with the design I have. I identify as a cheshire cat even more so after I heard the Lyrics to Cheshire Kitten by SJ Tucker.

My left wrist is the Cheshire Cat Smile, done at Time Bomb (Croydon) by Scott. I’ve had the one on my arm about 8-9 years and the one on my wrist I got done May 2014 when I finished uni, as a reward to myself. This was taken from the one on my arm, to simulate a disappearing cheshire cat. I have such an obsession with the cheshire cat being a breed, not just a one off from wonderland.

 I have two others, they’re not fandom but they are personal to me, they are Succupuss, Cat Girls with wings (and I have paw prints on my boobs) all of this links into my love of cats and my being a cat” 

Kit's Paw-some Cheshire Cat Smile tattoo

Kit’s Paw-some Cheshire Cat Smile tattoo

Would you have done anything different if you got them done today?

 “I wouldn’t change a thing!”


Aw, that’s great! How does having your fandom tattoos make you feel?

 “I love tattoos, I really want more. I have a few in my head already that I want to get done. I get excited after booking and I can’t wait until the day it happens. It’s such an experience and makes me feel closer to the things I love, otherwise why would I have them permanently engraved into me? Tattoos are just such a spiritual experience. Everyone loves my arm tattoo, (and the paw prints) I always get positive reactions” 


 How did you plan getting your fandom tattoos? Are you thinking of having any more done?

“My original tattoo plan wasn’t to get fandom related tattoos. I was going to get ones personal to me. When I got my first chesh I didn’t think of it as a fandom tattoo, but as a part of my personality. Over the years I’ve wanted to get: Phantom of the Opera, Harley Quinn and Supernatural tattoos but wondered what if I don’t like them after 10 years. Then I thought, hell, I already have fandom tattoos and I still love them… so my current plan is to get tattoos of things I cosplay at first. So my next plans are Harley Quinn and something from Supernatural” 


Kit's Thumb Print Cheshire Cat

Kit’s Thumb Print Cheshire Cat

What advice do you have for people thinking about getting their first tattoo, geeky or otherwise?

“Advice… hmm….”

“Don’t believe people when they say it doesn’t hurt. It will hurt, but depending on your pain threshold that pain is a strange one. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like a vibrating fizziness on your skin. I find it quite massaging. If it’s a fan tattoo, then just think will your thoughts on this change in 10 years? If not, go for it. At the end of the day, it’s your body, your skin, do what you want with it.


A vibrating fizziness? Sounds like a really unusual sensation! Any words of wisdom for people about go under the needle?

 “Drink plenty of water or Lucozade before, try to stay away from stimulants that might thin your blood too much. (e.g. alcohol – a good tattoo parlour won’t tattoo you if you’ve had alcohol) if you can keep a bottle of water or Lucozade with you during it, to replenish blood sugar. If the tattoo is going to take longer than an hour, ask for regular breaks. My back (not a fandom tattoo) took over 5 hours and I took 10 minute drink breaks every 40 minutes. You also get to stretch your legs, sitting in the same position for a while is hard”


So there we have it, Kit and her positively puurfect Cheshire cat tattoos (and no, I will not apologise for such a bad pun) and some good advice for considering any fandom or Geeky tattoos. I’d also like to back up Kit’s Don’t Drink and Ink sentiment – of the people I know who have tattoos they regret, all of them were done whilst drunk. A studio and artist will be breaking the law if they accept any customer who has been drinking.

There’s still time to become a contributor to the geeky tattoo series – leave a comment or tweet me to get in touch. In the mean time, this Nerd Girl is off to read some Alice In Wonderland!
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