Getting WIRED at Comic-Con!

sharchristi_wiredcafe_sdcc2012Greetings from Comic-Con! I am here in the beautiful, sunny city of San Diego, California, where for the past few days the Gaslamp area of San Diego has become Nerd Central with the annual Comic Con event. So far, I’ve seen some fantastic art, cool (sometimes unusual) freebies, and some incredible cosplayers; and that is all before I even made it to the convention center!

As Comic-Con has grown, so have the events that are taking place outside of the convention center. Today I got to experience the Wired Cafe Lounge at the Omni hotel, put on by Wired, and their sponsors. One of those sponsors was Nanodots. Nanodots are magnetic spheres and come in various sizes that are described by their company as: “precision-milled from sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron. Measuring 5mm in diameter, Nanodots are designed to model atomic interactions at a human scale.” — Basically, they are cool as hell, and super fun to play with!


We were encouraged by the super-nice guys at Nanodots to play and create and build anything we wanted. I made this very stylish ring, using 2 different sized spheres. I will admit though, I kind of copied Sharlene who made a ring as well. I could have stayed there and played with these magnetic delights all day, but because the people at Nanodots are so awesome, they gave me a starter set of my own so I can play and build at home!

 I do not recommend these for young kids, or adults who still have issues with putting toys in their mouths, ears, and nose as these are very strong magnets and if swallowed or inhaled could cause significant damage to your body. So if you can resist the urge to eat your Nanodots, I could not recommend these more. I know I will be soon ordering more so I can build bigger and better things. If you want to get some for yourself you can order them directly off of their website (Update:  You can also ‘like’ them on Facebook).

Another sponsor here at the Wired Lounge is the makers of the Swiss Army products, where Sharlene and I spoke to the reps there for a while and we all exchanged our stories of how our Swiss Army knives have come in handy in our lives. They talked to us about all the fantastic new products by Victorinox (the makers of the Swiss Army knifes), such as the new knives that also have a pull out USB thumb drive, and we walked away with a handy little Comic-Con 2012 mini Swiss Army knife. Sharlene and I both decide to keep it in its box, safe in our hotel room for safety reasons. We all remember the pen stabbing incident of 2010.
We are having a great time in San Diego, and would like to thank the people at Wired for allowing us to come play with nanodots and share stories of how a pocket sized multi-tool have gotten us out of some sticky situations. We haven’t finished looking around this place but we will keep you updated on all the happenings in and out of the convention center here during San Diego Comic Con.


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