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I love films old and new but I also love the story behind the film that we never get to see. A sibling team of Ghostbusters fans have been working on a dream project to bring that story to life for the two films but they need your help to complete it.



Ghostbusters for me is one of those films that was pure lightning in a bottle chemistry and a all time classic unique film. I have owned various versions of the films on DVD and Bluray and always loved the extras but what these two fans are trying to do is one step beyond and with a new Ghostbusters film right around the corner what better way to remember the originals than with a definitive look at the story behind the movies.

UK brother and sister team, filmmaker Anthony Bueno and film presenter Claire Bueno are set to chronicle the enduring popularity of two of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II revealing how they came to fruition from inception through to the production. Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters is the resultant feature-length documentary of the first film is nearing completion with the sequel’s evolution discussed in a companion feature.

Based in London, Anthony and Claire’s eight year journey has taken them over the United States from Lily Dale to Jacksonville cross country to San Diego, LA and San Francisco, visiting many of the memorable locations. They have interviewed over 70 members of the cast and crew responsible for bringing these stories to life including actors Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver; director Ivan Reitman, producers Joe Medjuck and Michael C. Gross and editor Sheldon Kahn.  Some of those names are due to appear in Paul Feig’s much-anticipated new Ghostbusters this summer.


Directed by Anthony Bueno and produced by Claire Bueno for Bueno Productions, Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters is intended to be the most complete account of how these classic films were made.  It is the culmination of Anthony’s lifelong love of the film which he credits for launching both his love of films and the supernatural.  He says, ‘Since I first saw Ghostbusters in the cinemas back in 84’ I was captivated, although I didn’t think 24 years later I would begin a documentary about it with my sister Claire!

‘Becoming more enamoured with filmmaking as I’ve got older and learning how Ghostbuster 1 and 2 were made over the last 8 years’, Anthony continues, ‘ I truly hope we will deliver an in depth documentary of quality for both fans of the film and filmmakers alike. And with the team we have onboard with us now that is exactly what they will get’.

Released in 1984 in the pre-digital age when special effects were still evolving. Ghostbusters was an instant hit followed up five years later with Ghostbusters 2. As a result, the documentaries are a tribute the special effects industry at the pivotal point in its evolution from model craft to digital. The film contains interviews with the Visual Effects crew on both films including Richard Edlund, John Bruno, Dennis Muren and Ned Gorman.


Claire says ‘Because of this documentary, cast and crew have reconnected not having seen each other for twenty years plus. To play a tiny part in this has been a real privilege’.

A Kickstarter campaign has recently been launched in order to raise the final funds. Running throughout February, it will enable them to complete post-production on both films and secure worldwide distribution.  Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters will be released later in the year.

Sounds good? Well in that case head over to the links below and show your support on this worthwhile project.



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Reviewer: Montoya

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  1. some of the packages are neat for this project some are way too over pricey for some fans to say having your
    name legendary at the ending credits is a total dream over hundreds of fans like myself are in support and already
    pledged to the project with an chance of seeing our names included and some packages in higher tier already
    sold out including limited edition t-shirts signed memorabilia a hot seat at the debut this coming October fall
    the rest are endless the project took over 8 years to produce and with crowdfunding can put the icing and
    the cherry on top of this project crowdfunds expire on the 7th march so get pledging otherwise it will be dogs
    and cats living together mass hysteria .

    frankie smales.

    smales tv uk-host

  2. frankie342 /

    yes this ambitious project has some neat packages some including bragging rights including producers rights t-shirts and advanced copies prior to release in October fall 2016 other minor packages included honourable mentions in the end credits and couple of others thrown in nearly over hundreds of fans including myself already joined the project and with a chance to have our names legendary in the end credits but there’s mixed feelings about this project via other fans saying it’s way to pricey to support to say it’s all in English sovereign currency but a bit more in American conversion rates so far the project has raised over £16,272 of their £40.000 target so far with only 28 days to go and reach their milestone target of £50.000 other successes including fan funded docs including back to the future and fright night already released so this one will hopefully be next successful project the closing date is Monday march the 7th in order to be a success even if they only make £40.000 to make it happen. franikie smales . smales tv uk-host

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