Ghostbusters is haunting it’s way back to the big screen!

The original badasses !!!

One my enduring memories as a boy was pumping my fist in the air along with a packed cinema and the New York crowd on screen. Both on screen and off we joined in one common chant.. “Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters Ghostbusters!” as the guys headed into the haunted skyscaper to do battle with an evil god.

These days if I was to sit in a cinema and do that I’d probably get punched in the face…ah happy days. Anyway according to Sci-fi wire I may yet get the chance to earn myself a black eye as it looks like a Ghostbusters 3 movie is on it’s way faster than you can “He slimed me!”

The studio isn’t saying much but the plan is to bring back all the original cast for the movie which is a good move in my book. I do wonder whether it will do a similar thing as Indy and have young ghostbusters in there to perhaps test the waters for a spin off movie or two.

I hope they can do the original movie justice (I didn’t mind the second movie actually but the whole controlling the Statue of Liberty with a gamepad was a touch much even for me!). With the Ghostbuster game on the way as well it’s definitely a good time to be a GB fan.

Come on people, raise those fists and let me here you! GHOSTBUSTERS! GHOSTBUSTERS! GHOSTBUSTERS! GHOSTBUSTERS!

GS Reporter: The Nuge

Source: scifi wire

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