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Glorious 39 - Online Quad

I know one of our ace reporters has already posted the trailer up on the GS site but I figured now I know a bit more about the film, via it’s synopsis, it was worth another post.

I actually quite like the look of this film it has a kind of 39 steps (pardon the pun) pulp mystery feel to it.

Check out the synopsis and the trailer for all the info.

This tense psychological thriller is set between present day London & the idyllic British countryside around the outbreak of the Second World War. Anne, a budding young actress, stumbles across secret recordings of a sinister Nazi appeasement plot that will stop at nothing to achieve its aims. As close friends die in suspicious circumstances, she finds herself in extreme danger and finds out how badly she has been betrayed.

The film features a stellar ensemble cast of leading British actors: award-winning British actress Romola Garai (Atonement), alongside BAFTA-winning actor Bill Nighy (Love Actually). They are joined by Oscar-winning actress Julie Christie (Finding Neverland), Eddie Redmayne (The Other Boleyn Girl), David Tennant, Charlie Cox (Stardust), Jeremy Northam (Gosford Park) and the legendary Christopher Lee (Lord of The Rings).

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