Gorgeous Jewellery from Nous Sommes des Héros

French-based jewellery brand Nous sommes des héros is creating some absolutely stunning pieces. Take a look at their beautiful handmade pieces here!

Back at MCM Expo in May, I had the pleasure of bumping into the Nous sommes des héros, an independent jewellery company from France. The cool thing about Nous sommes des héros is, not only do they create wonderful, handcrafted, geek inspired pieces, they also created their own alloy to make the pieces from. They call it ‘Galaxium,’ because I don’t think a more epic name even exists. It implies power, greatness and elegance, which is reflected in every piece they create.

Galaxium is virtually indestructible cosmic alloy, developed and patented by « Nous sommes des héros ».

Maxime Macchi, blacksmith and creator of the brand « Nous sommes des héros », has developed this alloy after years of research.

Galaxium is an alloy made from chromium and cobalt, with maybe some traces of molybdenum, silicon and carbon. All of these elements used to create Galaxium, come from suppliers approved by the French health department.

This alloy has been created to gather the following properties:

  • Extreme resistance
  • Inoxydability
  • Antiallergenic properties (99%)

Due to the alloy’s extreme resistance, our blacksmith had to use specific techniques and appropriate materials to sculpt it : ovens whith a heating capacity of up to 1200°C, a blowtorch with a heating capacity of up to 2000°C, specific drills…

Nous sommes des héros

So what kinds of things are on offer? Bangles, earring, pendants and rings, all made from either Galaxium or bronze, with even a few “Legendary” pieces made from gold.With each piece being handmade, no two pieces will be exactly the same and each finished product has a kind of roughness to it, which I love. Take a look at a few snaps from their booth at MCM Expo London, some current products on offer and what we can expect in the future:

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Below is a behind the scenes video and interview with Nous sommes des héros at their studio in Aubagne, France. 

We’ll be keeping a close eye on these guys over the coming months- we can’t wait to see what they come up with next! To see all of Nous sommes des héros’ work and to keep up to date with them, follow their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and website!

GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

Source: Nous sommes des héros

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