Gory new trailer for Kickstarter funded Artificial Horizon (The Infected)

“There is no known treatment” the trailer tells us as a plane flies past. Sounds portentous. Oxygen masks dangle, ominously. The trailer progresses with hints of what is to come until we learn that “without exception, this infection is fatal”. Then all hell appears to break loose. Welcome to Artificial Horizon (The Infected), the new film produced and directed by Anthony Woodley.

As you’ll remember, we covered his nicely bizarre Outpost 11 a while back. Joining Woodley in writing duties are Luke Healy, Helen Kingston and Stefan Mitchell. The pitch is a mixture of airplane disaster and disease-based apocalyptic movies. Think Airport 1977 updated with Contagion but with no hope… How do we respond to a global pandemic? The second wave of an antibiotic resistant infection sweeps through Europe. As England falls, a cabin crew escape on an old 747… but the infection is on the plane. Forced to land in a country tearing itself apart, they must fight for survival. The trailer concludes with the line “they must survive each other”. So with added The Thing?

Sounds quite interesting. The infected are suitably gross and have a look about them which reminds me of early Peter Jackson films. There is plenty of blood flying about and some startling imagery. I hope they’ve left some good stuff for the rest of the film, however. Artificial Horizon stars Jack Gordon, who briefly popped up in Captain America: The First Avenger and was recently seen in Northern Soul and Zora Bishop who has just appeared in The Eichmann Show. It was a Kickstarter funded film too. See the story of its funding here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/939495063/artificial-horizon-sci-fi-thriller-feature-film

Have a look for yourselves and keep informed on social media: Twitter – @ArtHorizon1 / Facebook – The release date has yet to be announced so keep your eyes peeled.


Source: Anthony Woodley.
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