Got Tights? Win a Day on the Set of Kick Ass 2

Get out your tights geeks! Fancy winning a day on the set of Kick Ass 2? Then you could spend the time gazing lovingly into Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s thighs….erm….we mean eyes.

Did you answer yes? Well then head over to the official Facebook page and join up! The rules are simple…they tell us:

Entrants are asked to show what kind of hero or villain they are and create their characters name, motto and costume, uploading an image of themselves in costume. Naturally a day on the set involves bad language, action and general awesomeness so this competition is open to over 18’s only.

Sorry kids, sometimes being an adult has its perks. Now excuse us while we go find our shiny purple cape and yellow spandex knickers. We have pictures to take!

Reporter: Sara Westrop

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