COMIC REVIEW: Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes

A unique tale that is both a biography of author Mary Talbot and also the history of Lucia who was the daughter of James Joyce.

This is a moving tale set across two era’s with the tale of Lucia in 1910-1930 and Mary in the 1950’s onwards and illustrated by Bryan Talbot.

The author Mary Talbot has taken a very brave step here recounting her childhood as the daughter of James S. Atherton. The connection between the tales starts with Mary’s father who was a Joycean scholar. Throughout the novel you can see the delicate relationship Mary had with her father who seemed to change his priorities across time and how his daughter would just want the attention she deserved.

The parallels with Lucia are very clear and I was very intrigued to learn about her story as well. The art is simplistic and yet captivating that not only enhances the story but is in fact it’s own character. I have like Bryan Talbot’s art for years but have not caught up with his recent work and I have been amazed at how he has structured the visuals in a way that is fresh and innovative.

The words of author Mary are told in a simple but yet meaningful way that just keeps pulling you in. I did feel at times like I was going to read or see something that would genuinely upset me but the story had a good balance of sadness and happiness. At other times I could relate to what was going on and recognised some of my childhood and my father’s behaviour. This helped me become more invested in the journey the characters go on.

Overall a brave and emotional yet bold achievement by Mary and Bryan who have created something quite special.

Also in case you want to meet the team behind this amazing piece of work they are signing on February 3rd at Orbital Comics in London to coincide with a exhibition with original artwork from the book from February 2 to March 2 being hosted at the Orbital Gallery. Details here

GS Rating 4/5
GS Reporter: Montoya

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