Great Concept Art for Panzer 88 Sci-Fi Movie

Gary Kurtz, the producer of the first two “Star Wars” films is currently working of this World War 2 Sci-Fi movie,

Set during the war the film follows a German tank crew as they “tread into an ancient mystery by stirring a powerful entity”. the film is said to have a Band of brothers type feel and will be made for around $20 million.

The original screenplay was written by Aaron Mason and James Cowan; they share the writing credit with Peter Briggs, who will direct.

Director Peter Briggs was quoted as saying:

“I’d already written a paranormal World War II sequence in the opening of ‘Hellboy. Tonally, ‘Panzer 88’ is a tad different from that. Our military aspects are more realistic, and mostly akin to the claustrophobic action and tension of ‘Das Boot.’ We’re aiming to do for the tank genre what ‘Hunt For Red October’ and ‘Crimson Tide’ did for submarine flicks. Only, with a supernatural twist. We’re upping the ante with visuals, equipment, and scenes that have never been seen in a World War II milieu. In retrospect, it’s strange nobody’s thought to do this in quite this way before”

Source: LA Times

GS Reporter: Matt

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