Green Lantern: Emerald Knights at KAPOW! + Exclusive Movie Footage

This weekend at KAPOW! Con Goers will get the chance to see Green Lantern: Emerald Knights first! as KAPOW! will be holding the UK premier of the animated film. There will also be some EXCLUSIVE footage from The highly anticipated Green Lantern Movie which is due for release later in the year.

Check out the Trailer for Emerald Knights below.

It looks like KAPOW! is the convention to be at this year if you are a fan of more then just the comics! Thor and Green Lantern now both have a massive presence at the convention along with lots of smaller movies and properties. There is definitely something for everyone.

Stay Tuned to Geek Syndicate for all the news from KAPOW! this weekend

Source: KAPOW!

GS Reporter: Matt

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