Greg Rucka Enters the Dragon Age

Dark Horse will be continuing their output of Dragon Age comics this December – which is great news for those of us that enjoyed the previous three series produced by the company.

What’s also exciting is that the phenomenally great Greg Rucka (BatmanBirds of PreyGotham Central, Hellboy, Black Widow etc!) will be turning his penmanship to the title. I have high expectations for Dragon Age: Magekiller, and have areason to anticipate December other than Christmas now!

Dragon Age: Magekiller runs parallel to the events of the third title in the game series and follows two new characters to the franchise.

Here’s the official low-down:

Running parallel to the events of the award-winning Dragon Age: Inquisition video game from BioWare and Electronic Arts, Dragon Age: Magekiller introduces two new characters to Dragon Age lore: Tessa and Marius are mercenary partners, eliminating those who use blood magic to hurt others, but when a powerful patron employs them, they realize this next job may be their last…

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Dragon Age Magekiller

Source: Press Release
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