GS EXCLUSIVE: Creator of BBC’s The Musketeers Talks About the Series and Peter Capaldi

The MusketeersWith all this talk of BBC’s Atlantis one of the shows that I’ve been excited about for a while but seemed to have gone quiet was The Musketeers. This latest take on the famous literary heroes comes from Adrian Hodges, the co-creator of Primeval. I saw some clips of the show on a trailer for some of the upcoming  BBC drama shows and liked what I saw. In effort to catch up with the production of show I managed to get a few words from Adrian on the show and his feelings on Peter Capaldi, who is playing Cardinal Richelieu on the show and his casting as The Doctor. So Adrian can you tell us how things are going with The Musketeers?

“We’re in good shape I think – 8 episodes in various stages of post-production, two still shooting, wrapping in October after a six month shoot. It’s been a marathon but I’m pretty pleased with it.”

Sounds like things are coming on well then?

” I unconditionally love the show and hope other people do too. I think the boys are going to make a big impression, but I think all the cast are pretty great – which I probably would, and I’m not pretending to be unbiased.”

So one your big bad aka Cardinal Richelieu aka Peter Capaldi has just been cast as one of sci-fi’s greatest heroes…I’m guessing that came as a bit of shock?

“Of course, I didn’t exactly anticipate my leading actor becoming the new Dr Who but you have to roll with the punches and all we can really do is turn it as much to our advantage as we can, and have a kind of “series villain” policy which I think will keep the show fresh, assuming we get a second series of course.”

There are have been a lot of adaptations of the Three Musketeers in the past what’s your approach been?

“We’re trying to take a pretty familiar genre – I guess you’d call it the adventure swashbuckler – and make it cool again; realistic, fun, modern, emotional and sometimes hard-hitting, all without going down the Pirates/Lone Ranger pastiche route. That’s the idea, anyway.”

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