GS EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Seal Team 666’s Weston Ochse

9781781166956Geek Syndicate were lucky enough ask author Weston Ochse some questions about his latest book SEAL Team 666 and his plans for the rest of the series.


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GEEK SYNDICATE (GS): You have somehow come up with the perfect book for me being a huge military action fan and also of the supernatural but how did you decide to combine these two?

WESTON OCHSE (WO): I’m pretty much like you. I like both of the sub-genres and decided to combine them. The idea, of course, came from the take down of Bin Laden by SEAL Team 6. Peter Joseph and Brendan Deneen at Thomas Dunne Books and I worked out the details and it became the SEAL Team 666 universe.


GS: What research did you do for the book in terms of the military aspect and also the supernatural?

WO: I didn’t do a terrific amount of research, except for some of the interesting Chinese character derivations that become part of the plot. I learned Chinese twenty years ago and have a degree in Asian studies, which helped me considerably. Having spent the better part of the last 27 years in the military, I had that covered as well, except when it came to SEAL training and operations. I’ve worked with SEALs, but they have a rather closed shop, when it comes to outsiders looking in. I’m lucky enough to have some friends in the teams who helped. I also counted on the writing of Dick Couch and a lot of personal accounts of operations I either read and or heard.


GS: There were a lot of geeky references from Star Trek to Marvel and more. Was this you showing your geek credentials and if so what are you into?

WO: It probably was. Color me geek. I once told a crowd gathered at a library that I ingest pop culture and shit literature. Maybe that was a little too gross for them, especially since they never invited me back, but I truly believe it and I embrace everything it is that makes us citizens of the planet. Even reality television. One of the reasons Quentin Tarantino is so popular is because of his own considerable geeky references in his movies. It’s not just a reflection of me or Quentin as a geek, but it’s real life. I have these conversations with people all the time. In the military, there is so much down time as we hurry up and wait for someone to figure out what the next mission is going to be, you cannot believe the esoteric conversations we have regarding movie characters, comic books, television series, and games. People talk this way in real life, now at least they can talk this way in fiction. Frankly, I think it’s about time.


DSC00353 (2)

GS: I found the child possessed by a demon quite intense to read, did you always want to get a reaction from the reader or is there a larger plan at work for this story thread?

WO: There is a larger plan at work with this thread. Some of it will be revealed in the next book Age of Blood. As far as intense, I am a certified-horror author. I know how to scare pretty well, so I thank you for the compliment. Still, it was a hard thing. I didn’t want to make it too terrible, after all; I want people to like Walker, even if he was possessed by something terrible when he was young.


GS: What other books would you liked to have MASHED up with the supernatural element?

WO: I had this great idea about Jack London, but then Chris Golden and Tim Lebbon stole it from me. (I’m going to get an email from Chris about this, haha). Actually, I thought about it about the same time they finished their first book, so they were way ahead of me. It was a terrific idea. Frankly, I don’t know which books can still be mashed up. I think all the best ones have been done. I know that military supernatural thrillers are becoming more popular, though, and I plan on continue mining that genre until my fingers break off or I completely forget how to write.


GS: Hoover is a nice touch – were you always going to include a dog from your first idea for the book and if so why?

WO: Having a dog as part of the team was always the plan. I came up with the naming convention—that each dog is named after a president—but both the editors and I wanted the potentiality of having a war dog as part of the team. It’s true in real life. SEAL Team 6 had one on the Bin Laden raid. Plus, I love dogs. I have three rescued Great Danes.


GS: What can fans expect from the next part of the series?

More back story. More character development. More information about how team members are selected. More information about old iterations of SEAL Team 666 and past missions. Basically, more cow bell.

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