GS EXCLUSIVE: Merlin Co-creator and Writer Julian Jones Joins BBC’s Atlantis

Recently the BBC announced that they would be launching a new fantasy show in the Merlin time slot called Atlantis. Although we don’t have much news on the project we do at least know one other name involved beside those already mentioned – Julian Jones one of the creators of the hit show Merlin.

Julian confirmed to Geek Syndicate that he was involved in the new show earlier this week.

Yes, I’ll be involved, but I’m not at the heart of this. It’s very much Howard’s project. He’s teaming up with Julian and Johnny again – it should be a lot of fun.

Although Julian did not confirm my guess is he’ll be writing a few episodes for the new show.  We will continue to keep our ears to the ground and bring you all the news as we hear it on this new show.

Reporter: Nuge

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  1. OvibanKenobi /

    I’m grateful that you asked him, I myself wanted to know this. Now I’m sure, that this is the new show he was talking about in your brilliant podcast interview last December.

    • I can tell you that this isn’t the show Julian was talking about on the podcast interview…so the mystery continues! Glad you liked the interview! If you want to post a non flaming comment then we would be happy to post it.

      • OvibanKenobi /

        Wow! That’s surprising. He said it was based on a myth, but not related to the Arthurian legends, just like Atlantis, but if it’s another project, than I’m very much looking forward to know what it is.
        I hope you can invite Julian for another podcast in the future. I’ve enjoyed all your interviews with him since… 2010 (Merlin s3) I think. 🙂

  2. Mike /

    It’s terrible, the final especially!!!!

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