GS EXCLUSIVE: Primeval Co-Creator Confirms All New Stories for BBC’s Modern Day Musketeers

 Adrian Hodges, co-cretor of Primeval gives us some hints of what to except from the new modern day Musketeers show he’s working on for the BBC.

Back at the beginning of May the BBC annouced that it was developing a new series called ‘ The Musketeers‘ for BBC One. The show would be a ten part re-imagining of the famous swashbuckling characters created by Alexander Dumas. The series would take place in the modern day and transform the Musketeers into crack team of soliders. Despite only having a press release to go on I liked the idea so I dropped Adrian ‘Primeval’ Hodges, who is writing the episodes, a quick email to see if I could get anymore information about the project. This is what he had to say.

 it’s not an adaptation of the book but a series of completely new stories, based on the original characters.  But obviously it’s intended to be a lot of fun and a grown up adventure.

Regarding the tone of the show.
  it’ll be a bit more intense and a touch darker than the press release makes it sound.
So still not a lot of information but I do like the fact that these will be all new stories as most people know the original story inside and out. The casting is going to tell us a lot about how this show is going to look and feel, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for any news in that regard.
GS Reporter: Nuge

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