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So with the SFX guys stepping down from hosting the fantastic SFX Weekender the event  has now been renamed the Sci-Fi Weekender. Of course with change comes questions so we decided to get hold of the Sci-Fi Weekender Team to try and get some more information on the event.

GS: Part of the old format was the interaction with the SFX team. What are your plans this time round for host’s etc?

SW: Following the Board-level directive at Future Publishing (publishers of SFX magazine) in Q1 2012 to grow the Digital arm of their business, SFX had to switch focus from the Weekender. As co-organisers of all 3 Weekenders, Chic Festivals believed the community & experience that had been developed over the last 3 years, was too good to let go – hence SFW 2013! We already have confirmed none other than Jerome Flynn & Richard Madden (Game of Thrones), Peter Davison, Brian Blessed, Craig Charles, the incomparable Robert Rankin & Authors Sam Stone, David J Howe and Adam Millard, with many more to be announced soon…

GS: Each year the event gets better and better but are there any new activities that you can tell us about?

SW: Yes, plenty! 2013 will see the welcome return of The Gaming Zone, as well as the brand new Anime Café, the Big TV & Film ‘ CineWorld’ Screening Room, along with such stalwarts as BarterTown, The Maskerade Ball and none other than that legendary Jockey of Discs, Craig Charles, spinning his wheels of steel! Don’t’ forget the headlining Author panel and Q&A sessions, compered by David Rankin, David J Howe & Sam Stone. There will also be comic workshops, music, book readings & the BlasterMind Pub Quiz!

GS: You have announced some guests all ready but will there still be the mix of Film, TV Comic and Book attendees?

SW: Absolutely! The SFW Community Forum members have reiterated how this exclusive mix of entertainment is paramount to the Weekender Experience.

GS: What can you tell us about the new venue?

SW: Hafan y Mor, the 5-Star Haven Holiday Park, is set in a stunning location on the North Wales coast, on the edge of the mountains, lakes & woodlands of Snowdonia National Park, nestling on the shores of the Llyn Peninsula. A truly exceptional venue, which will be the perfect home for the unique community experience that is the SciFi Weekender!

GS: Will there be an awards ceremony and what can you tell us about it and how will the voting work?

SW: The SFX Awards will next year be replaced by a truly visionary and stunning live theatre performance by Area 51, recent TV stars of Britain’s Got Talent.

GS: Will Area 51 still be bringing their unique blend of entertainment again?

SW: Absolutely 100%!  

GS:Can we expect any exclusive screenings happening?

SW: Certainly! Film & TV selections & announcements will be coming soon…

GS: The cosplay gets better and better each time. Will you still be running the cosplay awards?

SW: Yes, the best ‘character’ costume awards will again be a vital element of the SFW entertainment.

GS: Some people are very curious about how it will turn out, if you could tell us in one sentence why they should go what would it be?

SW: Sci-fi Weekender attendees will get the chance to fully immerse themselves in sci-fi culture, with fans discovering how comics are made, discussing burning issues with their favourite authors, or be among the first to see exclusive screenings of films and TV shows – with many autograph opportunities – above all, though, it’s a chance to hang out with like-minded people and enjoy a few drinks in a safe environment with other fans.

Source: Sci-fi Weekender
GS Reporter: Christophe Montoya

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