GS EXpo Exclusive: Richard Starkings of Elephantmen signing at Bristol Con

It is with great joy that Geek Syndicate can reveal to the world that Richard Starkings Creator and writer of the IMAGE ongoing series ELEPHANTMEN and the graphic novels HIP FLASK confirmed last night that he will be signing at Bristol Comicon 2010. Richard will be joining a lineup that includes Chris Claremont and Jesus Saiz.

Elephantmen backstory:

2259: THEY ARE THE SURVIVORS of genetic engineering experiments and indoctrination by Doctor Kazushi Nikken and MAPPO, a sinister organization which sought to create suprahuman weapons of mass destruction. Nikken
FREED AND REHABILITATED by the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, the ‘Unhumans’ now live amongst men. Legitimized by the ‘Elephantmen’ act, they are nevertheless denied the right to bear arms and must survive on their wits alone. Sahara
BUT REGARDLESS OF THE ROLES they accept in the concrete jungles built by man, Hip Flask and his kind are treated with suspicion and contempt by the species that created them, and cannot always rely on one another for reassurance or friendship. Hip Flask

I’m an Elphantmen newbie.  In fact the only issue I’ve ever read is the one pictured above….and I was blown away.  It was an amazing tapestry of science fiction and emotion, somewhow turning the plight of a giant talking animal with battle skills into something fantastical and moving, with stunning art to boot.  I finished it and had to take a moment to absorb it and silently committed myself to buying the trades when i got the chance.

Regular cover artist Boo Cook is a Bristol regular so it should be a goold old meet up.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can read the first issue for free here – Elephantmen

If you like it then you know where to be in May – bristolcomicexpo

GS Reporter: Monts

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  1. Elephantmen is a great comic. A fantastic mix of sci fi action and touching emotional stories, set in this weird blade runner type world that feels dirty and grimy. Amazing covers, great writing and totally unique. Top notch stuff.

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