GS Gets A Sneak Peek at Star Trek: Into Darkness Footage

StarTrekIDOn Friday, GS contributor Wendy attended a preview of the first nine minutes of Star Trek: Into Darkness. After the footage presentation, there was a Q&A with Bryan Burk (Producer), Alice Eve (Dr Carol Marcus) and Benedict Cumberbatch (John Harrison).

Go behind the cut to see what Wendy had to say about the event.


After impatiently waiting in the foyer of the BMI IMAX in London with lots of other press people, we were finally allowed in for the Footage Presentation of the first 9 minutes of Star Trek: Into Darkness.

And wow! What an awesome nine minutes! I am not going to give a blow by blow account of the footage as I think it would spoil the experience of when you see it for yourself.  All I am willing to say is that Cumberbatch’s character is introduced very quickly, and like the last film you are thrown right into the middle of the action from very early on! I was completely absorbed in the story, and was heart broken when it ended.

I know it is only 9 minutes, but Abrams seems to have done it again. Whereas most films seems to drag on for a while before they get going, Star Trek: Into Darkness cuts right to the chase, and sets your pulse racing.

What 3D I did see was used very well and drew you in; at one point, you felt like you could touch the trees in the background.

We were then treated to a Q&A with Bryan Burke (Producer), Alice Eve (Dr Carol Marcus) and Benedict Cumberbatch (John Harrison).

Cumberbatch confirmed that the name of his character is John Harrison and described him as a ‘Home grown terrorist, who does despicable things for good reasons’ saying that he is ‘A one man weapon of mass destruction, being able to use weapons, hand to hand combat and capable of manipulating people to his way of thinking.’

I then asked the question of why they decided to do this film in IMAX and 3D. Burk had experience of using IMAX on the set of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and discussed using it again with Abrams. It was a late decision to shoot in IMAX, with it only being decided a month before shooting started. Abrams fell in love with it and said that ‘he undeniably had to do it in IMAX’. With up to 40 minutes eventually being shot in IMAX (before cutting).

As for 3D, to start with Abrams wasn’t interested as it was something everyone else had done, and he didn’t want to do it unless he could ‘do new things.’  However as the film is set in space he discovered that he would be able to push the limits and ‘do stuff, that other people can’t do.’

Burk advised that even if you hadn’t seen the first film (And if you haven’t where the hell have you been?), you can just jump straight in and not feel like you are missing anything. Concluding that as a whole experience, Into Darkness will be ‘something new and different.’

As a taster it helped to wet my appetite, but now just makes me impatient to see the whole movie – and suddenly May 2013 seems even further away!

Here’s a picture of Wendy with Mr. Cumberbatch:



The nine-minute extended preview of Star Trek: Into Darkness is showing in selected IMAX theaters in the US and Canada this weekend prior to screenings of The Hobbit.


Reporter: Wendy

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