GS Review – Star Wreck : In the Pirkinning

Star Wreck : In the Pirkinning

Star Wreck : In the Pirkinning

A quick plot rundown…
You remember in Star Trek : First Contact where the crew of the Enterprise think they’ll be left in the past and will have to blend into society, trying their best not to interfere with history?
Well this kind of picks up from there with this alternative crew having done so and all being total losers. Then their captain (James B Pirk… work with me here) gets wind that history has been changed and that their equivalent of Starfleet will never get formed, leaving Earth open to attack. So to counter this he takes over the Earth making himself Emperor and soon sets his sights on other dimensions!!!
In fact, three wont do it…
OTHER DIMENSIONS!!!!!!! Yup, its Captain Kirk meets Captain Picard meets Stalin.

Where to start? Ok, lets get the stuff that’ll make you think “Why the f**k would I want to see this movie?” out of the way….

Its Finnish (not itself a bad thing) but with subtitles

It’s made by amateurs.

Its incredibly silly and the plot is pretty nonsensical

The acting is at best pantomime level

Ok, but what about the good stuff? Well firstly and most shallow, this girl is in it. What? She’s cute and spends the movie in thigh high boots. Cuter than any of the girls in the real Star Trek!

Secondly the effects are REALLY good. I mean at least tv sci-fi level good if not huge budget movie good. I actually thought they had spliced in clips from the Trek tv shows but its all done specifically for this and is kick ass. And there are a hell of a lot of them as well. When I saw the trailer I thought “Well thats probably all the effects in the movie crammed in the 2 minutes” …its not. It is almost a shame the live action bits are so silly as you could re-cut the effects into a serious action flick.

Also while I’m 99% sure its all done on bluescreen the sets actually look pretty cool most of the time, especially the ship bridges. It really does feel like these guys sneaked onto a real Trek movie set after hours and filmed thier stuff before getting caught.

Thirdly, yeah this is all done by amateurs in their spare time, but you do get the feeling that they are loving it and you kind of side with them even while cringing. Its the ultimate in silly fan fiction and I just admired them for doing it, even if I would have loved a quick go at the script before they started filming.

And lastly, the new dimension they attempt to conquer and have the big dust up with… its the Babylon 5 universe.
Now you find me any proper nerd who doesnt get a little smile at the thought of Trek vs B5 space battles. All the ships you know are there and all are in full fighting mode.

I mean, tell me you can watch this trailer and not want to check it out.

Still not sold? Ok, how about if I tell you its FREE?
Yeah, apparently the only way they can do this movie and not get sued to hell by the Trek and Babylon 5 people is to make it freely available. You can get it on dvd apparently which they call the Imperial Edition but I think they had to tweak the effects with to make the ships less obvious copies. That might not be in all regions though.

For the fun, free version I watched last night though, just go here scroll down to the direct download section and get the subtitles avi.
Job done.
And here is the official site if you want to check out more info.

GS Reviewer: Richard McAuliffe

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