GS TABLE GAME ROUND UP #5 Digital Dice, Zombie Monopoly, More Firefly And The Templars

diceThis week’s table game round covers a whole host of news including conventions,new releases, kickstarter campaigns and much more. Read on to find out about another new Firefly game, a few board games being converted to online versions including Lords of Waterdeep and how a electronic dice is bridging the gap between board games and online versions.

Also check out some cool new releases heading your way this week at your local game shop.


Apres Essen Goodie Con 2013 is a small event for people who missed Essen Spiel happening on Sunday 17th November 2013 the Belmont Hall in Wellington, Telford, TF1 1LU. It lasts most of the day and filled with lots of board gaming with some new games straight from Essen. Only 120 spaces on this one so get your tickets soon. Find out more HERE

BGG.CON 2013 is happening in Texas between November 20th to 24th. It might not be a huge event like Essen Spiel but it is a important one because it is being run by the largest board game site on the web Board Game Geek. I am sure there will be some announcements about new games during and post event so stay tuned on that. For more info go HERE.

Dragonmeet is less than a month away and will be a full day of gaming in London. Happening on 7th December at the Kensington Town Hall you can expect to see games being played and for sale and also guest signing and talks and a chance to meet like-minded gamers. Geek Syndicate will be in attendance so if you go be sure to say hello.


You can buy tickets HERE and find more about the event HERE.



Although Firefly the Game is only coming out next week there is already talk about the first expansion. Firefly: The Game – Breakin’ Atmo brings more jobs, gear and crew to the base set. The expansion comes out in December and the buzz surrounding this game seems unstoppable so far.

Firefly: The Game – Breakin’ Atmo brings more excitement to the ‘Verse with loads of challenging new Jobs, shiny new Gear, and helpful Crew. A shrewd captain can set up a sweet payday with a bit of careful planning working new Jobs with skill-based payouts. New Crew offer more choices for the hard-to-get Tech and Negotiation skills as well as the all-important Keywords. Breakin’ Atmo Gear introduces some intriguing new game abilities and potential combos.  You may even care to try your luck at gambling with a hand of Tall Cards.

So get your ships planetside. There’s work to be done and money to be won!


Now some may think that I am Firefly mad but it just sseems that there is a real big push for all things Firefly right now. Next up we have Firefly Out to the Black Card Game. For those who don’t want a long drawn out board game this looks like it could be for you. It started life as a kickstarter and had some legal issues but that all seems to be resolved now. Not sure about a UK release but the US one is HERE.

Firefly Out to the Black is a wild hootenanny of adventure and misbehavin’ spread out across the blackness of the ‘Verse. Life’s rough out in the black: money don’t come easy and makin’ it doesn’t often allow one to preserve their honor. It’s important to keep both of course: can’t eat without the coin, but a handsome reputation will get you pretty far too. In Toy Vault’s Firefly: Out to the Black card game, you play as one of the 9 Serenity crew members and work together with your fellow players to face the various entanglements that come your way. You’ll face the Alliance, Reavers, low-down dirty deceivers and all manner of nastiness as you scour for jobs, choose partners for your missions, and ultimately do your best to stay afloat and keep on flyin’! Game includes 9 character sheets, 88 cards, over 4 dozen tokens, and much more!


The Walking Dead has a lot of card and board games and here is one more to add to the list. The Walking Dead Monopoly Board Game which looks pretty cool actually and I would rather have this special edition that a Manchester United one!!!

A few things to note on this version is that apart from Jail  and Free Parking everything is different with the two sets of cards called Scavenge and Supply Chest. Also the lead figures are very cool that include the Sherriff’s hat, Michonne’s sword and also the RV from the last few seasons. Even the box looks like it came right out of the show. Find out more HERE.

Despite its post-apocalyptic setting, ‘The Walking Dead Monopoly’ delivers classic Monopoly wheeling and dealing game play. Players vie for, and then must fortify, the prime real estate and resources that will sustain their lives. There’s only one victor that will outlast the others. This completely customized game features six collectible tokens, optional speed play, and a fight to the finish! The Walking Dead Monopoly – everything you know and loved about Monopoly, but with 100% more zombie flavor. Eww.

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Fans of Pandemic have some good news with the announcement of Pandemic: The Cure. This is a dice based version of Pandemic the base game. Z-man games will demo the games at BGG.CON next week.

Pandemic: The Cure sets up in less than a minute and plays in 30 minutes. As in the board game, four diseases threaten the world and it’s up to your team to save humanity. You and your team must keep the world’s hotspots in check before they break out of control, while researching cures to the four plagues.

Players roll dice each turn to determine the actions available to them. They can fly and sail between the six major population centers of the world, treat disease in their current region, collect samples for further study, and exchange knowledge to help them in their goal of discovering cures. Each player takes on a different role that has its own unique set of dice and abilities — and players must take advantage of their specializations if they are to have any hope of winning the game. The Dispatcher, for example, can spend dice to fly others around the board, while the Medic is particularly adept at treating disease. Players can roll their dice as often as they like, but the more times they re-roll for the perfect turn, the more likely the next epidemic will occur.




DICE+ Has arrived. We know there are now board games being converted to tablet format like Ticket to Ride, Elder Sign, Forbidden Island and Golem Arcana but it seems now we are starting to get the next evolution in board games to tablet. How about combining the tablet with an actual electronic dice.

The dice itself costs around $40 which is a lot for now but as more games are released for the app I can see this price coming down. There are only a few games available for it so far which are:

Backgammon – a new digital version of one of the world’s oldest games. Chuchumba – a fun game for kids which challenges their memory and arithmetic. DICE+ Heroes – a race to the finish where your fate is decided by a role of the DICE+. Rainbow Jack – a fast-paced strategy game. Rumble Stumble – Twister for your tablet! This Way Up – a board game for kids inhabited by a host of animal characters. Bella & Max – a family game that invites you to an uncharted world brimming with adventure. Pirates – board and card game where you build your fleet and may become the king of the sea!

However it is the two games coming soon that sound like the real test and a real start to combine board games with tablets.

Supremacy is an action-packed strategy game for up to 4 players, designed by Reiner Knizia, a rock star in the world of board game design. With the help of DICE+, the players have to take over a deserted island. Players have to prepare the right strategy in order to defeat other empires.


DICE+ Adventures is an RPG board game for 2-4 players. With the help of DICE+, a group of characters with different skills and personalities journey through the land and solve various tasks – all in preparation for the final fight against the dragon that terrorizes the realm. Only the best-prepared adventurer will vanquish the dragon and gain the king’s recognition.


Find out more by going to the site HERE which has links to both the App Store and Google play store games.
Lords of Waterdeep is one of my favourite board games and I love the dynamic when playing it with other players. I was a bit wary when I heard an online version was coming but I have to bite my tongue on this as it look incredible. It seems to be a near seamless transition from board to screen. Check out the images below but also check out the video HERE

The Manhattan Project is a game I have seen played and only heard good things about but I was not sure how a game designed about the Atomic Age could convert to the digital age. This is still on Kickstarter but it seems like the designers have thought of everything in converting this game. Also I am glad to see that they are making it for Android and not just IOS. Check out the walkthrough below and also go find out more at the Kickstarter site HERE


The Amityville Project: Phobos: As far as I am concerned there is always room for more horror board games especially with cool miniatures. The Amityville Project: Phobos looks quite terrifying already by just looking at the game. Check out the game details HERE and see the pics below.

Friday the 12th, 1964 The Syndicate is an underground organization specializing in paranormal activities. They built a device capable of reshaping the personality of a human, making that person their test subject and slave to accomplish their dark plans. Their victims are the citizens of Amityville Asylum who are converted into lab rats for their demented experiments. However, not all of these people can tolerate the power of the device and they die instantly, except the detective Ed Sullivan who tried to expose the plans of the Syndicate and they trapped him. They tried the device on his mind with no foresight into what was about to happen. The detective’s mind was too strong for the device and. instead of reforming the detective’s mind, several different personalities were born in his mind. Four different people from his memories became personalities who will now try to penetrate and reshape his mind. The syndicate thought that they could use these beloved personalities to trick the detective into doing their will…


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Alien vs Predator The Miniatures Game. Um HELL YEAH. I mean really do I need to say more? I do? OK well then just check out the design and feel of the game and tell me you do not want to kick some Xenomorph butt! Find out more HERE.

The Boxed Game AvP – The Hunt Begins is a self-contained gaming experience, a fusion of mission and narrative driven Board Game and Table Top War Game. A family game where 1 or more players can sit down and play through their own narrative and develop their own characters and objectives over many inter-linked games. Or players can sit down and play a ‘free for all’ with games like ‘Survival’, ‘Last human/Alien/Predator standing’, ‘capture the objective’ etc. filling an hour or two of your evening or raining Sunday afternoon.



Brew Crafters: A Board Game. Ever wanted to play a board game about beer? Well now you can. This game looks like a great fresh idea. And of course feel free to drink beer while playing the game!

In Brew Crafters, players assume management of a local craft brewery, working hard to manage resources, use their workers wisely, and develop their brewing line to create the best local brews. Players can perform research into different beer styles, brewing recipes such as Smoked Porter, Pumpkin Ale, and Coffee Stout, crafting their own unique brewing strategy along the way.

Brew Crafters will offer the same hallmark replay value as other Dice Hate Me Games titles, with high-quality components. Brew Crafters will include five thick cardboard personal Breweries where players brew beer and upgrade their resources and processing equipment; over 120 thick punchboard beer batch tokens, 50 equipment upgrade tiles, and 15 Gold Label awards; 15 Beer Recipe cards, representing the various recipes based on Ales, Porters and Stouts that players can explore and craft to create their own unique brewing strategy, and 15 Skilled Workers (illustrated by award-winning artist Jacqui Davis) that players can hire to help them brew the best batches – and all printed on high-quality playing card stock.



Nations looks like a great new civilization building game and it is HUGE! The rules seem complex but also simple to follow because of symbols on various cards.

From the humble beginnings of civilization through the historical ages of progress, mankind has lived, fought and built together in nations. Great nations protect and provide for their own, while fighting and competing against both other nations and nature itself. Nations must provide food and stability as the population increases.

They must build a productive economy. And all the while, they must amaze the world with their great achievements to build up their heritage as the greatest nations in the history of mankind!

Nations is an intense historical board game for where players control the fate of nations from their humble start in prehistoric times until the beginning of World War I. The nations constantly compete against each other and must balance immediate needs, long-term growth, threats, and opportunities.


Amerigo is another heavy game but also has a near unlimited possibilities of repeatability. It looks perfect for the more experienced gamer.

Amerigo: The players help Amerigo Vespucci on his journey to discover new land. The players explore the islands of South America, secure trading routes, and build settlements.

The actions available to players are determined through the use of a specialized cube tower. At the start of the game, this tower is seeded with action cubes, which come in seven colors, with each color matching a particular type of action.


Templar looks like a really fun game that has a great looking board and a lot of intrigue and action.

Templar, by Jesús Torres Castro, is a game for 2-5 players. Players take the role of a Templar hiding the order’s treasure from the King and his spies. The Templar who successfully hides the most treasure in the abbey wins the game.

Every inhabitant of the abbey has different skills: some monks can help to hide the treasures, when the abbot visits a room, he examines the hidden treasures and recognizes the Templar(s) who hid the treasures, his sister can bring new items into the abbey, others can move items or open and close doors.

But all is not well in the abbey. Some inhabitants will interfere with the Templar plans. The new prior Severus prevents any activity because he is no Templar. Vitus, an enemy spy, has been sent by King Philip to control whatever our abbot Remigius has done.


Speculation looks like a quick fun game all about the stock market. The rules look simple but effective and it is a quite unique board design as well.

In Speculation, players buy and sell shares of stock, trying to have the most money at the end of the game.

Each player has a hand of nine cards; eight of them match the company shares that are available for purchase, while the ninth card is a “Bank Holiday” card. Each of the eight companies has 2-5 shares available, depending on the number of players, and each player starts with a randomly drawn share. At the start of the game, place six movement tiles (numbered 1-6) in one bag and six action tiles (trade x3, rank +1, rank -1, no action) in another bag.

Each round, the starting player draw one tile from each bag. If he draws a rank +1 or rank -1, he moves one share price indicator (a.k.a. “brick”) of his choice up or down one rank on the movement track that organizes the company bricks. If he draws a trade, each player buys and/or sells one share to the bank. Players then simultaneously choose one of the two cards in their hand and reveal them. If no one played a bank holiday card, then in turn order, the brick associated with each company card advances on the movement track a number of spaces equal to the movement tile drawn, ignoring occupied spaces. The value of a company’s shares depends on the location of its brick on the movement track and its position relative to all of the other bricks. If one or more bank holiday cards were played, the bricks move only half the distance or don’t move at all.)


Space Cadets: The Dice Duel is not one I have much about but Space Cadets Board Game is a game I have heard a lot of great things about so I do have hopes for this version but converting a board game to a dice version is always hit and miss so we will have to wait and see on this one.

Space Cadets: The Dice Duel pits two starships against each other in quick-paced combat. The players are divided into two teams, each team playing the crew of their ship. The team will win or lose together. The game ends when one side destroys their opponent by causing four points of damage through torpedoes or mines.Each ship has six Bridge Stations including Engineering. the Helm, Weapons, Sensors, Shields and Tractor Beams. Each player will be in charge of one or more of these stations, or have the overall roll of Captain to coordinate everything.



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