GS TABLE GAMES: An Introduction

diceGeek Syndicate has caught the game bug but not the video kind but rather the table kind. Boards, cards, luck, zombies, Ninja’s, superheroes and lots more will be covered.

Over the past six months Geek Syndicate has reviewed various board games, card games and miniature games. During that time we began to see just how fast this corner of Geekdom has been growing. A major reason for this is a show called Tabletop on the Geek and Sundry You tube channel and is hosted by Will Wheaton (Star Trek The Next Generation, Leverage, The Guild, The Big Bang Theory, Eureka).

At GS we have caught the gaming bug. We love these games coming out and revisiting old ones from the past ten years so this will be the first of a regular section on table games. There will be reviews that will not only talk about games from an adult view but also from a family view.

We will be asking the important questions like

  • Can the children plays these games?
  • Are they quick games to play?
  • Are the rules easy to read and pick up?
  • What is the fun factor?

The games can be board games, card deck building ones, strategy, co-op or just plain stupid fun like running away from Zombies. We will have all this and more so stay tuned for all the table game news in the coming months.

We will also be spotlighting game shops around the UK so feel free to let us know why yours is the best at [email protected]. Tell us what makes it better than the rest and we will feature it on the site. There are hundreds of game clubs out there and we want to hear from them to see what is hot right now and we may even try to get down to some and join in the fun.

Board Game conventions are not as frequent as normal geek cons but they are alive and well so we will make sure we bring you the latest news and attend as many as we can.

We will also shine a spotlight on various game publishers including Fantasy Flight Games, Days of Wonder,  Cryptozoic, Asmodee, Twilight Creations, Inc. and more, to find more about their games  and what the future holds for them.

We’ve already been at work with reviews on the game below  but we have lots more to come.

DC Deck Building Game

I have played this with 2 players and up to 6 – the fun is always there and your strategy will change every time based on which cards you have so it never gets boring.

Castle Panic

Its a game you can take anywhere and play for fun, with almost anyone, and that’s not actually an easy thing to achieve.

Game of Thrones HBO: The Card Game

A great deal of time and trouble has clearly been put into balancing the game to keep it interesting and also reflect the character of the opposing forces. As a fan of both books and TV series I found it rewarding to note that the game grants the ‘proper’ kind of power to each House.

Star Trek Catan

It’s a great game. It may be mostly a “reskin” of Settlers of Catan but if you don’t own Settlers of Catan you could do a lot worse than owning this version. It’s well produced, good to look at and easy to play. Given the time of year, I would hazard it would make a cool present for the board gaming Star Trek fan in your life.

The Big Bang Theory Party Game

You do need to have a similar sense of humour to the show, and some idea of geekdom to gain full enjoyment from the game, and a couple of beers won’t hinder matters either. One of the players isn’t into the show at all, but enjoyed herself once the rules had been fully absorbed and she found herself in the swing of it.

Monopoly: Nostalgia 1930s Edition

When you first get the cards out you smile and laugh to see how much the world has changed. However others may think that it was the one flaw, looking slightly home made.


It is what I would consider a short game with very little set up, which makes it great for after dinner or when you’ve got some time to kill.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game

Whilst every game begins the same, the variation in strategy between players and the different Houses give longevity to the game – an essential quality for any potential purchaser who finds themselves concerned by the price-tag.

We also want to hear from you about which games you want us to feature or have heard good things about.

To wet your appetite for some of the games coming up for review in the next few month include Zombies!!!, Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game, Star Trek The Original Series Deck Building Game, Marvel Battle Dice and also Forbidden Island.


Some of the games that GS TABLE GAMES play and will review

Reporter: Montoya

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