TABLE GAMES: #3 Halloween Board Games To Scare You To Death!

diceHalloween is here and to get you in the mood we take a look at some of the Halloween board games out there for you to play. Be warned though some of these games may cause severe fear so anyone with a heart condition should not read further!!!


We start our grizzly tale with that old favourite the Call of Cthulhu world as created by the macabre author H.P. Lovecraft many moons ago. This setting has been a well of ideas for board game designers for many years especially with Fantasy Flight Games.

Arkham Horror is a .. erm beast of a game if you pardon the pun. It is huge and one not to take lightly but rather embrace the length and complexity of the adventure that will last for a good few hours but will also give you an extremely enjoyable tale to tell your grandchildren.

You have to defeat the ancient ones as you and a team of investigators look for clues to fend back the demons and monsters of the night. You need a big table to set up the whole game and have a good team of players so this is perfect for a night in to do battle with ancient demons etc.

Elder Sign is within the same world and is a Arkham Horror lite type game. It is focused mainly in a library but is designed to be a much shorter game. You still use the same investigation team and encounter the same ancient ones but this game is for quick fun trips to the world of Cthulhu.

You need your wits about you and also a large amount of luck with the dice to help win the day and push back the terrors of the night. A great way to get into the Cthulhu mythos and prepare for the main event in Arkham Horror.

Mansions of Madness is another entry in the same universe as the previous two so you can see just how much material is in there. This time it is set in a spooky mansion. Find the clues before your investigators go insane.

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Deck Building games are becoming more and more popular thanks to other types of card games like Magic the gathering and the old favourites like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. These days’ card games come in many styles and forms with games lasting 20 minutes right up to 2 hours or longer and with various degrees of skill required. We look at a few horror flavoured card games.

Call of Cthulhu Card Game is for two players and once again dips into the H.P. Lovecraft setting. You choose a story card and then select various factions to create your team and do battle to win the day. Each card comes with a superb picture or setting that really gets you into the horror mood.

The Nightfall Deck Building Game brings Vampires Hunters, Ghouls and werewolves together for a chilling game. You each start with a number of cards in your deck. You put a minion card in play and then go for the attack to win the card and grow your deck. Various cards have special abilities to help you win the game. This game gives you the feeling of an eternal war between the creatures of the night.

Fans of the video game franchise Resident Evil will love the Resident Evil Deck Building Game as it features familiar characters. Like other deck building games you need to grow your deck and collect weapons to defeat the enemies you will find inside a mansion. The artwork is a true pleasure to look at and will take you back into the Resident Evil world on a cold dark night.

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Don’t use the Z word, these creeps are called walkers and we have no idea how it started or what caused the infection but we do know one thing. We are all infected! The Walking Dead has broken new ground in the Comic and TV worlds by creating great characters, stories and allowing TV to be stretched more than ever before. It is no surprise therefore that The Walking Dead would be used time and time again.

The Walking Dead Card Game is a very simple game to pick up and play. Using scenes from the TV show on the various cards it puts you straight into season one of the show. Use your Hero card to defeat the various Walker cards by using a numbering system to win the game.

This one is based on the comics and not the TV show. The Walking Dead: The Board Game comes with a nice simple board with locations for each player to start at. You will then need to scout various locations to win the game. Choose your character card which will give you a special ability but you never go alone on your quests. Another minor character joins you so you place their token on your character sheet which is where you will keep your resources to complete your mission. The various missions or quests mean taking a location card which could be a prison, camp site etc and you must not tell anyone where you are heading. Move you character around the board to collect more resources and get to your location and kill walkers and win the game.

Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition is a clever adaption of the classic Risk game design. Some of the rules have changed but the general theme is there however now you have the Walkers as a faction that can kill you. Expand your territory and survive to win the game.

The Walking Dead Board Game is based on the TV show and comes with a very cool board and various sets of cards. You have character cards, equipment cards and a walker deck. You need to go to a certain location on the board to complete a “mission” by using the character you selected and using its special ability. Along the way you encounter walkers and need to kill them and try to get back to your camp on the board. The games gives you a good sense of the TV show and at times you feel like you are right in the middle of an episode.

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Now let’s talk about the real walking dead. Yes I mean Zombies. No Halloween is complete without some real Zombies to try to eat your brains with. There are lots of games about Zombies and most of them come from Twilight Creations but we also have some from other great game publishers. Here we take a look at a few of them.

Build your map one tile at a time and be the first player to get to the helipad and make it out alive in Zombies!!! This is a firm favourite in our house because it is quick to learn the rules and does actually give you a sense of being overrun in the impending Zombie Apocalypse that I am sure is going to arrive soon. To survive you need to kill Zombies in your way by rolling dice and collecting heart and bullet tokens to help you.

Along the way you can use various cards that special abilities that can really ruin an opposing players day. Turn the lights off and light that candle in the pumpkin and get ready to play Zombies!!!

What would you do if it was your Last Night on Earth? Now you can find out in this cooperative game where you take on a role of one of the main townsfolk trying to survive the night and complete the mission. This could be just survive or escape in the truck but you all need to work together to stop the zombies and find the clues. Each player can get special abilities depending on where they are on the map. The game also comes with a soundtrack CD that has to be heard to be believed as the worst game accessory ever. The game itself is a lot of fun though so put on some other spooky music instead.

Throw your friends to the Zombie hoard in this semi cooperative game set in a small US town that has become a City of Horror. This game is your normal affair with all of you trying to stay alive until the helicopter comes to rescue you. At times you must work together and then others you will need just be evil and kill your friends. A clever and cool board gives this game a nudge above the rest.

The biggest Zombie game on the block is Zombiecide. You can set up the boards in lots of various designs. Then you choose your character which covers all sorts of stereotypes to please anyone. Gain experience by killing zombies to give you extra actions. This game has lots and lots of zombie miniatures to do battle with by using your weapons you collect and role a dice to see what damage you do. Some real world rules help make this a zombie game with some real challenges.

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Fancy performing exorcisms on some ghost? Then grab your staff and play as a Taoist monk in Ghost Stories. In this game that can be played solo or co-op you have to fend off various types of ghosts or the undead and stop them from haunting the villages. You can use special powers or even help from the various village tiles to fend off the ghosts but be warned if they haunt too many villages you lose. Go one give this game a try and kick some undead ass!

Ghooost! Is a great little fun card game with some really cute and spooky artwork on the cards. Each card has a number on it and you need to place cards on the “board” and the rules are that you get to collect the cards at certain times. This is like various card games you can play with a normal pack of cards but the cool designs make this a fun little in-between spooky game to get in the mood for the main event board game.

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Honourable mentions for the horror games are A Touch of Evil board game which features a vampire headless horseman, scarecrow and werewolf. Betrayal at the House on the Hill is great for tension and suspense with a few demons thrown in but watch out as one of you could be a traitor! It’s Alive – a game where you need to build your creature from body parts.

Remember this is by no means a full list of Halloween board games as there are still a lot more games out there with a horror theme so be sure to check them out as well. And if you are feeling old school then go with the various versions of Atmosfear.

You can find most of these games at your local game shop or online. To find your nearest game stockist check out here and to read more about our board game news and reviews go HERE.


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