This time on GS Tabletop Games we go for gold and try to make a billion pounds as quick as possible in the new family game from the Logo range called LOGO Billionaire

Want to know what it feels like to make millions by owning some of your favourite brands but also risking it all to make more money or lose it all? In that case LOGO Billionaire will bring out the hungry business person we all want to be for a day but have a big laugh doing it as well.

Fortunes can be made or lost on a Cornetto… someone is planning to steal your beautiful Beetle… and the humble Hob Nob could propel you to billionaire status!

It’s the battle of the big brands… and it’s in your hands! Can you fly high, crush the competition and become
the first LOGO Billionaire?


The setup is very easy and straight forward but there are two versions to this game, an easy (APPRENTICE) and hard (EXECUTIVE), which changes the setup. I will start with the easy set up.

Connect the spinning arrow to the centre of the board and place the coloured brand cards on their matching spaces and put the money in their slots in the box. Shuffle the Risky Business cards. Now each player selects a company and takes their matching figure and places it anywhere on the board. You then take the same amount of cards per brand as there are players and shuffle the deck and deal them out. Then hand each player £50 million from the bank and prepare to make your millions then you are ready to play.

The first person spins the arrow and moves their playing piece that many spaces landing on a space representing one of the six brands. Depending on what they land on will determine what cards they pick up. Normally you pick two cards of that brand unless it says pick one card up only. You then add those brands to your brands already owned. If you have three or more in the same brand you can launch a company.

Launching a company is how you make money and win the game. As stated you need to have three or more cards in the same category i.e. Sweets before you can launch a company. Once you have added your new cards you declare that you are launching a company. Another player then takes the Risky Business deck and shuffles them. Once ready the player launching the company says the phrase of your choice and the other player turns the top card of the Risky Business deck over.

The Risky Business cards are made up of cards that have £10 million, £20 million and £30 million or BUST on them. The idea is that you keep risking the market by taking another card and get as much money as possible before you draw the BUST card. If you get £90 million and then get the BUST card you gain no money and lose your brand cards so you must decide how much you are willing to risk to get as much money as possible for your company to launch. If you manage to draw cards to the value of £90 million then each card you have in your company that you are launching is worth that amount. So if you had 4 cars in your company then all four cars are worth £90 million each so you will claim £360 million from the bank.


This part of the game is most exciting because everyone wants to see you lose apart from you, so will you go for it and be brave or play it safe. Everyone will do a different strategy. The Risky Business deck will give you about a 1 in 9 chance of getting a BUST card but by shuffling you have no idea when it could come up. You could get BUST on your first card or you could get 12 money cards and not get a BUST. Anything could happen.

If you collect your money you have successfully launched your company and you place your brand cards at the bottom of the matching pile on the board.

Other actions you can take are if you land on a space that shows two cards on them means you can trade or buy. Trade means you can trade with another or all players one of your cards for another’s as long as both agree. Or you can buy another players card for £30 million. Play then keeps going round and round until someone gets the first £1 billion.

Now I also mentioned that there is a hard version called the EXECUTIVE rules. All is the same but now you add a set of cards called the Newsflash and also the Takeover tokens. The Newsflash cards are two sided with the news items face down and on the other side it lists some brand items across all the categories. These are the current On The Up brands. So when these are showing on the top of the deck any brands listed mean that the value of that brand is worth double when you try to launch a company. So if it lists Yorkie and you have Yorkie then if you collect £90 million across 3 cards that is £270 million but because Yorkie is worth double you would get £360 million. The list is only active as long as it is showing.

The other side of these cards are the Newsflash items. When you land on a space that has the Newsflash on it you take your brand cards as normal but you also take the top Newsflash card and read it out aloud. The cards will either bring fortune or bad news. It could be that a heat wave has melted all your ice creams and you have to pay £10 million per ice cream brand card you won to the bank or it could mean that cars are big news again and everyone who has a car brand gets £20 million per car.


The last rule change is the Takeover token. If you land on a space with the Takeover symbol you collect a Takeover token and place in on your company title card. You can only have one token at any time. This token will allow you to try and take over a company just as it is being launched. So if player B is about to launch a cars company and you have at least one car brand in your cards then you can go for a takeover bid. You can only do this as long as you have a matching brand in your cards. Both players will spin the arrow and note the number and then they will add that to the number of cards they are using for either launching the company or attempting to take over with. The winner takes all the cards and the loser gets nothing. Takeovers can be brutal so you may not want to play with these on younger children.

So how does the game actually play? I am pleased to say really well and it is a lot of fun for adults and children alike. We have had as young as eight play this and as old as fifty and all enjoyed it. The rules are simple enough that all ages can pick up the easy and hard rules quickly.

Collecting the brands is always interesting as people get excited by what the collect. For me it is always about the Yorkie bar card. Then when people go to launch a company they have to see how many cards they have, then check the On The Up list and also see if anyone can try a takeover bid. Also the brands become a talking point by a younger player asking what they are and the older players feeling nostalgic for a brand of some sort.

Once you take the plunge the tension is running high as you call for another Risky Business card. Players also get a kick when dealing the cards as it makes them feel rather evil in a good way. You also feel sorry when someone gets 8 cards and then get a BUST because now they lose their brand cards.

The contents are all decent but I would love to have had some sturdier player pieces however they do exactly what they need to. The board is a good size but getting the spinning arrow in every time can have a very slight dent to the board but nothing to worry about. I do love the slots for the money as this helps when paying out. The brand cards, Newsflash and Take over tokens are all good quality.


My advice for this game is to learn on the easy rules and then after a few games upgrade to the advance rules as this will feel better to grow from one to the other.

This is a fun and easy game that has a lot of replay opportunities without getting dull. I mean when your 14 year old son says “yeah let’s play LOGO Billionaire” you know you have a winner on your hands.

At around £25 for this game I think it is good value for money and a great way to introduce family’s to different types of games. Hopefully ones that don’t end after 3 hours with a family argument. Yes you know who you are…

Overall a great family game for all ages and does not get old quickly because anything can happen each time you play.


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Source: LOGO Billionaire
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