GS TABLE GAMES: Star Trek The Original Series Deck Building Game Review

downloadBandai take you were no-one has gone before in this deck building game that focuses on the original series by Gene Roddenberry.

Explore the Star Trek The Original Series Universe on your Starship along with a simple crew of Ensign and Lieutenants and a few tricks up your sleeve. Build a deck of strong Characters like Kirk, Spock, and even Lincoln. Explore the Space Deck and go on the some of the Missions Kirk himself faced. Do you have what it takes to become a legendary captain and be immortalized forever?

So, this is currently the only TOS deck builder available; if you are into deck building games, there are two things you need to know about the game straight away: 1) there is no board; not that having a board is a pre-requisite, but in this case, it would be handy; in the end I created one in PowerPoint across three sheets of A4 which I put on some card and then laminated; 2) unlike and other deck building game I have played, because you start with a meaningful hand, and you have a grid of nine cards at any time to build from, you can start acquiring valuable cards from the off. The set comes with 255 cards just to give you an idea…


As with most good deck builders, there are three ‘standard mission’ sets, and an additional ‘infection set, which means that there is variety to each game set-up; there is also a healthy range of compulsory ‘event’ cards to combine within the mission deck – some of these event cards actively pit you in battle against the other players, . The 28-page instruction manual is clear, although there are a couple of good videos on YouTube I would encourage you to watch.

There are currently no expansion packs, but the cards are interchangeable with Bandai’s Next Gen set. A playmat was supposed to be released in 2013, but it hasn’t seen light of day as yet:


As I mentioned – I ended up creating my own – drop me a line if you’d like a copy in PowerPoint, and then you can customise it to your own taste:

Overall, I like this game. It’s not simple – you have to play a few times to get into the routine of what you can do during each of your rounds; the cards are well laid out, although the text was a little too small at times – play in good light! The games actually can be quicker than you think: a typical game targets 300 points (or 6 completed missions at 50 point each); however with the additional event battles which gain or lose you victory points based on how you perform, a game can end much sooner. There is no team element in the game – it’s every man for himself – so the strategy is limited to what’s in your hand. That said, it is a very entertaining game, and the cards will recall many characters and episodes from the three classic seasons of TOS. If you haven’t got a deck-building game, and you are a big fan of Star Trek, then start here…


In terms of family appeal, I wouldn’t recommend this for too young children – there is a lot to take in and a few variables to manage, so I would apply a minimum 12 age on this.


  • Exploration Scenario
  • Infection Exploration Scenario
  • Effects on the Basic Characters
  • Effects on the Starter Cards
  • Hand Held Mechanic
  • Draft Cards
  • Infection Cards

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GS Rating: 4/5

Source: Bandai

GS Reporter: SilverFox

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