GSN PODCAST: Battle Gods Of Pod Series 1, Episode 1

Welcome to the latest podcast on the Geek Syndicate Network.  We’ve had so much fun recording the Christmas game-show episodes over the last few years, we’ve decided to take the show on the road every three months.  Each episode of Battle Gods Of Pod will pit three contestants against each other in a series of games specifically designed to test their podcasting skills and geek knowledge.  The winner of each episode will go forward to the Christmas special for the ultimate showdown.

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Series 1 is hosted by Dion Winton-Polak.  This pilot episode features the well oiled muscles and silver tongues of Christophe Montoya, Barry Nugent and Phil Ambler.  Games include New Testaments, Speaking In Tongues, Convert The Masses and Gotterdammerung (as well as playing for time, playing hard to get and playing silly buggers.)

We would be happy to receive any and all constructive feedback on this podcast, as well as nominations and requests to join us in future episodes via e-mail at [email protected] or @BattleGods_Pod if you prefer Twitter.  (Please note, for this first series we are sticking to podcasters within the Geek Syndicate family, but next year we will begin to welcome people from all other areas of geekdom.)

Credits where credit’s due:

If you discover somebody new and want to hear more from them after the show, track down their reviews and articles on our website, and also catch them on their own podcasts:

Christophe is one of the Trailer Trash Two, who analyse and discuss the latest happenings in the world of cinema.  He can be found on twitter @montoc1701 and hanging around street corners at peculiar hours

Barry delves into pretty much every pot on the Geek Syndicate podcast, but can also be found intermittently on The Next Level and Geek To Geek.  He can be e-mailed at[email protected] tweeted @GeekSyndicate or thrown money at

Phil joins Dion on Scrolls, the podcast for literary geekdom chatting about Fantasy, SF and Horror books more or less monthly.  (Ok, less.)  He can be abused on twitter @Phlambler but he’d really prefer to have a friendly chat.

Dion runs a Book Group alongside of Scrolls, and tries to pop up in other places where he can.  Bit of a slag, really.  You can molest him on Twitter @Dion_Scrolls or e-mail him at[email protected] if you prefer privacy.

The music we use is called ‘Battle Gods of the Universe.’  It is performed by Domine and comes from their album ‘Emperor Of The Black Runes’ (which you can purchase at all reputable retailers)

Incidental sound effects all come from freesound, which is a fabulous resource.  As per their regulations, the sounds used in this episode are listed below, along with their originators.

Guillottine test 02.ogg by Glaneur de sons

BullBellow.mp3 by Acclivity<
hotel-bell-2.aif by Spleencast
tibetan chant falsalama 2 wet.wav by Falsalama
Wolf 41.wav by y89312
20.0 Destruction.wav by Dangerbabe
Struck By Lightning.wav by Cheeseheadburger
Remix 2 of 124721_Andy_Gardner_thunder1.flac by Timbre

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