Guild Wars 2 to be Released Aug 28th

It’s official. Guild Wars 2, NCsoft’s long-awaited massively multiplayer online role player PC sequel will be coming out this summer. Specifically 28th August 2012.

In a post on the developer ArenaNet’s official, president and co-founder of the studio Mike O’Brien said, “This is an incredibly momentous day for the studio and for me personally.”

He added,”This journey began in 2007 when we first announced that we were beginning work on Guild Wars 2 and that you wouldn’t be hearing from us for a while. Then in 2010 we unveiled our manifesto for Guild Wars 2: a living breathing online world that challenges convention, that’s designed for fun instead of grind, and that brings social interaction to a new level in an online world.”

The first Guild Wars was released in April 2005, not long after the launch of Blizzard’s monolithic World of Warcraft. It has since received multiple expansions featuring new campaigns including Factions (2006), Nightfall (2006), and Eye of the North (2007). It remains notable as an MMORPG that does not require paid subscription.

While not being able to properly compete with the popularity of World of Warcraft, Guild Wars was still able to garner critical praise and a strong following. Guild Wars possesses a Metacritic Score of 89, which is not far behind World of Warcraft’s rating of 94. In April 2009, four years after Guild Wars was released, NCsoft and ArenaNet announced that Guild Wars had surpassed six million copies sold.

The Guild Wars series is notable for focusing more on role playing and strategy and less on level grinding. Guild Wars 2 will once again take place in the fictional world of Tyria, but the game’s events will take place 250 years after those of the first game.

In an April 2012 interview with Forbes, Mike O’Brien said, “We’re in it to win it this time. We were number two to World of Warcraft with Guild Wars, now we want to beat them. We’ll be satisfied when Guild Wars 2 is the most successful MMO.”

GS Reporter: Dean Simons

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