Guillermo del Toro Confirms DC Comics Project Dark Universe

darkFirst rumored last fall and now confirmed, it seems that plans are underway to produce a “Justice League Dark” style film full of DC’s supernatural characters. Guillermo del Toro has confirmed that he’s writing an outline for the film, which will feature many of the cast from the current Justice League Dark comic and the film is being developed with the title Dark Universe.

“I’m working on it,” del Toro says. “I’m writing the outline and we’re already in talks with a writer. A very, very good writer. People are probably going to be happy with who we have chosen. He accepted. I’ve been courting this writer, who I think is the perfect guy for this job. We’re doing it. Hopefully it will happen.”

Del Toro goes on to say that the lineup could include Swamp Thing, Constantine, The Demon, The Spectre, Deadman, Zatara, and Zatanna.

“The movement for this happened before [The Avengers],” del Toro adds about DC building its own cinematic universe. “They were already galvanized to launch ‘Justice League’ and they were galvanized to make their universe cohesive… They are really, really, with ‘Superman’, very, very confident with what they have. They are now feeling they have two pillars. Batman and Superman… There’s a foundation that now they can build on.”

With Justice League planned for 2015 and Man of Steel coming out in June, it seems that DC is making a heavy push to establish their own top-notch cinematic universe. As someone who loves many DC characters, I couldn’t be more pleased.

Source: Coming Soon
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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