HabitRPG comes to Kickstarter

habitrpgHabitRPG is a game for life. Really! Want to reward yourself for good habits? Count Progress towards long term goals? Then this is the game for you.

Basically you create yourself on their server, set daily, weekly and long-term goals and rewards for completing them, and HabitRPG checks your progress, levels you up and, should you not complete the targets, takes off your stats and hit points. It’s a neat idea; gamifying changes to your lifestyle to help make them stick.


This little project has been sufficiently successful that they’re coming to Kickstarter looking to increase their server capacity, and build iOS and Android Apps, where I suspect they could find big success. If nothing else its a fascinating concept and well worth a look over.

Source: Kickstarter/HabitRPG
Reporter: Matt

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