Hack Slash Annual #01 Comic Review

What’s it about?

When a heartbroken killer gets a new lease on life from a freak electric chair accident, a Suicide Girl becomes his next target. When Cassie and Vlad come to the aid of the girls from SuicideGirls.com, things get deadly – and extremely sexy as Cassie agrees to pose for her own photo set if that’s what it takes to stop this slasher!

Review it

Ok, before I get into this I should let you know the kind of comic reader I am with regards the whole cheesecake thing. Am I offended by a bit of t&a in my comics? Hell no. As long as Batman has huge shoulders and perfect abs for the lady readers then I dont see why Wonder Woman shouldnt look all kinds of hot as well.

Am I one to out and out buy cheesecake?

Well…. as long as the comic going with it is cool, then why not? I love me some Danger Girl and also love me some Hack Slash which isn’t adverse to giving you the odd bit of goth cheesecake. Wouldnt be buying any Lady Death or Chastity stuff where its all boobs no story though.

So onto this annual which is their tie-in to the Suicide Girls website. Whats that? You’ve never heard of them? Really? Ok.. lets assume you are telling the truth and don’t just have your wife/mother in the room. Suicide Girls is basically Playboy for people who like rock chicks, so its kind of a good fit. The story itself revolves around your basic serial killer, this one however being a modern one called Diaboliq who blogs about it on the net. His suicide girl girlfriend (who only appears in her underwear which is gonna be a theme here) turns him into the cops, he gets shot and electrocuted and as a result becomes a kind of phantom living in the internet who then goes on a killing spree involving lots of other women in their underwear being possessed and killing themselves. All very 80s horror movie so far, and being a fan of those types of films, I was onboard.

But then their big plan to take out the bad guy is to take all the Suicide Girls pictures down off the internet, have Cassie (Cassie Hack, the main character in the book) do a photoshoot and post that on the net so as to make her bait to trap Diaboliq. Then there is some more story, lots of knives, lots of nudity, the bad guy gets wasted, and I really didnt like it.
You want her to snag her skirt on something so it rips and theres a flash of underwear? Cool. You do a whole story as an excuse for pages of naked pictures of your main character? Seems a bit much. I can see how it was a clever tie in and I understand the website is giving the comic a big push, so if it brings in more comic readers then all good. But as someone who bought and enjoyed the first Hack Slash omnibus, seeing the character in such a gratuitous and frankly clumsy promotion disguised as a story seems kind of a shame.

That is unless this book is the one that finally gives them the green light to make the proposed Hack Slash movie with Megan Fox all gothed up, in which case, bring on the comic book beaver shots… and yes, there is one.

Rate it: 2 out of 5

Dry slaps? 5 out of 5… or should that be spanks?

GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie

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  1. Royal, King of Monsters /

    Actually, SG started out as as a MySpace for Grrls and hosted the profiles of many prominent names. When it got sold to new owners, it was slowly pushed into softcore Alt Girl territory. This pissed off a lot of grrls and after a failed attempt at trying to raise the standard from the outside, they left.

    Ah well. It was cool while it lasted.

  2. Stacebob /

    I totally agree with you here, Blue. It didn’t make any sense to me at all to have Cassie get nekkid to trap the dude; any one of those Suicide Girls could’ve done that and just have Cassie with them to deck him when he appeared. Gratuitous and frankly, it made no sense. For shame, hack Slash, for shame…

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