Hammer Comics Teaches the Craft of Comics

Ever wanted to write, draw, or produce a comic, but didn’t know where to start? Hammer Comics of Hamilton, Canada, is here to help. They now offer six week courses in writing, illustration, and comic book production. They also offer one-on-one mentoring to help fit busy schedules.

Hammer Comics was founded by Hamilton resident and comic creator Mike Gagnon, a 12 year veteran of the comic book industry. Gagnon has worked as both writer and artist for Marvel, Dark Horse, and more, so he knows a thing or two about the industry. Gagnon, along with some comic professionals acting as guests, will teach all the courses.

In addition to his more adult-oriented classes, Gagnon is offering Kid Fun Activity Days, a summer camp style format event which teaches kids the basics of art and illustration through crafts and fun activities. The kids get snacks and refreshments, as well as take home “fun-packs”.

So, if you live near Hamilton and have always wanted to be a comic creator, definitely check out this great program by Gagnon and Hammer Comics. I know I would be one of the first in line if I lived anywhere near there!

Check out Hammer Comics at their site here to learn more!

Source: Hammer Comics

Reporter: Leo Johnson

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