Hammer Launches YouTube Channel

Hammer have slowly been coming back to their great heights of fame. What with The Woman in Black and the restored DVD’s being released fans can treat themselves and newbies can find out what all the fuss is all about with news of this You Tube channel.

The channel will not just show films but a host of other material including behind the scenes and previews. You can find the channel HERE.

Simon Oakes, President and CEO of Hammer said, “The launch of our dedicated YouTube channel truly encapsulates how we have positioned Hammer as a dynamic British genre label with a great heritage.
“We hope this new platform will allow us to continue to reach fans who have responded so well to films like Let Me In and The Woman in Black, while continuing to honour the great filmmaking history of our company.”

Now check out the history of Hammer from the new channel.
Source: Seenit
GS Reporter: Montoya

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