Hammerwatch Aims to Bring Back that Gauntlet Feeling

steamworkshop_collection_122788084_collection_brandingWay back “in the day” we oldsters played co-op games by sitting around the same keyboard, getting in each others way in an attempt to move sprites around on the shared screen. The king of these sort of game was, for many, Gauntlet, a top-down dungeon-crawler-action-game with a quick pace and lots of things to kill for exp and loot. Think those days are gone? Well Hammerwatch aims to bring that back. 

Now up on Steam Greenlight for approval (and out regardless later this spring) Hammerwatch is a co-op dungeon crawler of the old school. It’s launch trailer is below and the Greenlight Campaign is here.

Source:  Steam Greenlight
Reporter: Matt

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