‘Hannibal’ Greenlit for Thirteen Episode TV Series

Just when you thought it was safe to pour yourself a fine chianti and break out the fava beans Hannibal Lecter is back to eat your face off.

NBC has giving the go ahead for 13 part series of the happy go lucky antics of everyone’s favourite serial Killer, Dex…sorry I mean Hannibal.

There’s no news on casting of the roles of Hannibal all his nemesis FBI Profiler Will Graham. The show itself will be thriller  revolving around the early days the two man first introduced in Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon.

I no have idea what to make of this or how they will get thirteen episodes out the premise but with Bryan ‘Pushing Daises’ Fuller involved it could make for an interesting show with a unique style. I just wonder how it will stack up in terms of tone to shows like Dexter or Criminal Minds.

So what do think worse idea ever or willing to wait and see?

GS Reporter: Nuge


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