Happy 200th issue SFX!!!

I’m a big fan of the SFX magazine and of the SFX team, many of whom Dave and I got the chance to meet and have a chat with at the SFX Weekender. So when I saw this press release I was more than happy to give it a mention on our little site.

The SFX magazine has been knocking it out of the park since day one with a bucket load of great news, review, features, interviews and even as it approaches the grand old age of 200 shows no sign of slowing down.

So lets all raise a glass or in my case a cheap can of cider (because that’s how I roll) to the SFX Magazine and it’s 200th issue out next Wednesday.

Happy 200th guys!

Future’s SFX celebrates 200th birthday

World’s bestselling sci-fi and fantasy magazine shoots for the stars with milestone issue

18/08/10  – SFX, the world’s bestselling sci-fi and fantasy magazine, celebrates its milestone 200th issue in style later this month, as it unites the industry’s A-list for its biggest-ever edition.

At the forefront of sci-fi fan culture since May 1995, SFX has covered everything from Tank Girl and Judge Dredd, through the Buffy and X-Files years, up to today’s reinventions of Doctor Who and Star Trek and beyond – always looking forward to the biggest genre TV, films, comics, books and games.

In 2010, the SFX brand includes the fast-growing http://www.sfx.co.uk website, its regular ‘SFX Collections’ print specials plus the quarterly Comic Heroes magazine. The brand successfully launched the UK’s first sci-fi and fantasy residential festival earlier this year, and the SFX Weekender 2011 has already announced guests including Star Trek’s George Takei and Discworld author, Sir Terry Pratchett.

Delivering its biggest-ever issue, spanning 208 pages, SFX brings together many of its friends in the business who helped shape the last 199 issues, asking them to give their ultimate behind-the-scenes tips and tricks. The full 200 countdown sees some truly galactic names offering their insight to SFX readers, including Avatar mastermind James Cameron, Marvel dynamo Stan Lee and Doctor Who himself, Matt Smith. Buffy creator and Avengers director Joss Whedon exclusively reveals his unmissable five point guide to writing great TV dialogue.

SFX 200 dedicates its milestone cover to the eagerly-awaited Star Trek 2 and brings together everything currently known about the sequel, and attempts to extract exclusive information from the legendary Leonard Nimoy and Director JJ Abrams, in new interviews.

SFX 200 also features Terry Gilliam looking back on his career, a report on the new series of Merlin, an interview with Jonathan Ross, a retrospective on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and over 100 reviews!

Dave Bradley, Editor-in-Chief of SFX, said:

“I’m incredibly proud to be editing SFX at this milestone moment. The fact that we’ve reached 200 issues is a massive achievement. I’m really grateful to everybody who’s supported us – all the people in the industry on both sides of the Atlantic who’ve really got behind the mag, as well as to all our wonderful readers who are the most loyal fans you could hope for. It’s their contributions and passion for sci-fi which has been our rocket fuel for the last 15 years.”

Stuart Galbraith, Associate Publisher of SFX added:

“SFX has continued to deliver world-beating news, reviews, features and interviews, all served up with a unique attitude. It’s a rare magazine that’s seen growth in these stormy economic times, but SFX has done just that, with a circulation rise last year, the highest number of subscribers in its history, new spin-offs like Comic Heroes, a growing website and of course live events like the SFX Weekender.”

Issue 200 of SFX goes on-sale Wednesday 25th August, with a cover price of £3.99.

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