Happy Merlin Premiere Day US Fans!

For those who get the Syfy cable channel in the United States, today is the best day ever. Why? Because Season 3 is premiering today, January 7th at 10PM EST that’s why! But before that, the network will be airing an all-day marathon of Season 2 so you can catch up on the adventures of the young warlock, Merlin (Colin Morgan), Prince Arthur (Bradley James), Morgana (Katie McGrath), Gwen (Angel Coulby), King Uther (Anthony Head) and Gaius (Richard Wilson).

When we last left Camelot, Merlin had gained a new power, that of the Dragonlord, after watching his father die in his arms. Now it’s been a year since Morgana’s disappearance with Morgause and Uther will stop at nothing trying to find her. But is Morgana the same woman we all knew? Nothing is what it seems in this action-packed season with lots of mystery, quests and tournaments to humor, romance and of course, magic.

Here at Geek Syndicate, we’ve already seen the entire 3rd Season; you’re in for a quite a ride with the first 2 episodes! We’ll be posting up each episode’s reviews for all you new and returning viewers, click below to check out our interviews with the cast about the Season 3 premiere from September 2010:

Colin Morgan and Bradley James Video Interview

Anthony Head and Katie McGrath Video Interview – Part I

Anthony Head and Katie McGrath Video Interview – Part II

Richard Wilson and Angel Coulby Video Interview

Hope you enjoy Season 3 as much as the rest of us did and keep coming back to Geek Syndicate for all your Merlin-related news!

GS Reporter: Sharlene M

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