Harry Dresden Returns in New Comic Book

Dresden-Files-Ghoul-Goblin-1Jim Butcher will be adding new stories to the Dresden Files with a new comic book series. Which means a way to fill the gap in between books – woo hoo!

Ghoul Goblin is co-written by Mark Powers, and drawn by Joseph Cooper. The front cover image is by Ardian Syaf. It will be published by Dynamite Entertainment

Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin Harry Dresden has survived the events of Fool Moon – barely – but all is not well in his world. He’s still alienated from his closest friend, Karrin Murphy, and on exceedingly poor terms with Chicago’s number one gangster, John Marcone. And that’s just the small stuff — the creatures of the Nevernever don’t take vacations and aren’t particularly worried about Harry’s friendships or love life.

Ghoul Goblin is being published by Dynamite Entertainment, and is out 9th Jan (US Release). See here for a 10 page preview!

Source: Comic Book Resources, Jim-Butcher.com 
Reporter: Wendy

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