Hawk the Hunter is Coming

Back in the day, the day being the 1980’s I loved me a good old slice of sword of sorcery. Now this was long before the days of Game of Thrones which I love but sometimes make me miss the fantasy films/shows of my youth were the was a little more fun in my fantasy and not everyone was so ‘grey’ and brutal. Sometimes all I want to do is sit down and throw popcorn at the screen when the baddie waltzes onto the screen and not worry about the bad run of luck they had which lead them to start slaughtering villages.

One of the films that I loved as kid was Hawk the Slayer, yes it was cheesy as all hell but there was a elf whose bow was akin to the fantasy version of an Uzi (don’t get me started on the one handed crossbow dude), glowing ping pong balls and bleedin’ JACK PALANCE as a proper bad guy. Oh and loved that soundtrack.

I’m sure know days kids and a lot adults would sit around and poke fun at Hawk but it was firm fave for me which is why when I saw this vid about a potential sequel I thought I would share it.

Also look out for old Crow and remember the wizards are gathering in the south.

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