War ensues between the forces of good and evil as Hellboy finally confronts the Queen of Blood one on one, setting the stage for a new chapter in Hellboy’s life!
* Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo conclude an epic collaboration that began in 2007’s Darkness Calls!
* Hellboy faces his demons!


Writer: Mike Mignola

Artist: Duncan Fegredo

Colourist: Dave Stewart

Cover Artist: Mike Mignola


I’ve not read much Hellboy in my time but I have seen 1 and a half good Hellboy movies so I know what the character is all about. He’s big red guy with a stone fist that punches the crap out of supernatural stuff. Thanks to an awesome two page catch up section that is all you need to know to jump right in and read this issue.

The story see’s Hellboy going to confront the big bad guy from that last few minis and his plan is to stop her before her and the army she has summoned can destroy England and the rest of the world. At no point was I lost in this story. Everything is there for you to see and Mike Mignola keeps the story straight forward with not too many characters. It really makes this story interesting, engaging and it left me wanting to go back and see the history of these characters. I want to know more about the witches and Alice. The only drawback in this issue is that there is a lack of action. We only get a quick fight in the last few pages but the story is engaging enough so most people should be ok with it.

The art by Duncan Fegredo is incredible. It lacks some detail but makes up for that with his unique style. He uses mostly greens and blacks so when Hellboy shows up in all his red glory he really stands out. I am more a fan of detailed art work like the kind seen in Marvel and DC’s super hero titles but thanks to Duncan I am starting to appreciate some of the more stylized art.


Easy to follow story and incredible art. I’m giving HELLBOY: THE FURY #1 4.5 Out of 5, this issue could have done with a little bit more action but besides that it’s a solid single issue.

Go here for a Preview of the issue.

GS Reviewer: Matt

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